Acosta Gets His Due

Jim Acosta is an ego freak that loves to see his name in print. He loves to stir the pot and create controversy even if none exist. And, while it bit him in the behind on Wednesday, I’m sure he’s relishing it.

In case you missed it, at Donald Trump’s press conference with the media post midterm election style, Acosta, who works for CNN, tried to ask Trump a question about the caravan in Mexico. Since it had nothing to do with the elections what-so-ever, Trump said to him, “Let me do my job.” and moved on. Acosta kept talking. Trump told him he was done and that was enough. A young White House intern moved to take the wireless microphone away from Acosta, and a struggle ensued. Acosta kept talking, and ended up grabbing the woman, as she took the microphone away from him.

OK, besides acting totally unprofessional in his actions, and acting more like a two year old than a “professional” journalist, Jim Acosta was basically barred from covering the White House. He had his credentials taken away, meaning that he won’t be let in to the White House grounds, and won’t be able to do his job.

Now, I won’t say Donald Trump was exactly “presidential” in this matter either. It’s a two way street. Trump chided Acosta saying, “You’re a terrible person, and I can’t imagine how you ever got a job with CNN” (or something similar to that). In my mind, that also crossed the line.

Look, there is no love lost between these two. Acosta has no respect for the office of President of the United States, and shows it daily. Trump has no respect for Acosta, and bad mouths him and berates him every chance he gets. Both are wrong.

Frankly, until the media starts covering the White House in a much more unbiased fashion, I can’t see it ever getting better. They’ve over-played their hand on this one. They’ve given up all journalistic integrity they ever had, and yes, that is Edward R. Murrow, and Walter Cronkite spinning in their graves. Acosta is a terrible reporter based on the fact he doesn’t report the facts. On several occasions he’s been caught actually making up stories…something that if he were with any other news organization, he’d have been fired by now. But apparently, that is the way things are done at CNN.

As far as Trump, he needs to lay off the press and let them do their job. If I were him, I’d make the ban on Acosta’s credentials permanent and let CNN know, you either send someone that is going to be fair, or don’t send someone at all. CNN’s ratings, by the way, show that they aren’t doing a very good job in the trust department.

The ratings came back from the election coverage. Fox News beat out everybody, all of the cable networks, and yes, even the broadcast networks in their coverage. It wasn’t even close. CNN? Well, they finished a distant fifth for the evening. They ended up with about 20% of the audience that Fox News had. So, what does that tell you? Jim Acosta… it was a good thing that happened to you. And to Donald Trump…be more presidential…please!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


2 thoughts on “Acosta Gets His Due

  1. If you watched the press conference you know that Acosta wasn’t the only “journalist” that was out of bounds. I think more journalists should be barred from those press conference’s until civility is returned. That’ll be a good start in getting more fair and respectful journalist to represent their networks.
    Just my opinion!

    For GOD an Country

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