Is THIS The Type Dems’ Want As President?

Michael Arvenatti, the attorney for stripper Stormy Daniels in her lawsuit against President Donald Trump…and also the guy behind Brett Kavanaugh’s 3rd accuser during his Supreme Court nomination hearings, Julie Swetnick…was arrested yesterday and charged with domestic violence.

This champion of women’s rights, who had represented two women whose lawsuits went absolutely nowhere, and Swetnick was later to recant her story altogether, was booked on charges that he abused his wife. When police arrived at his Century City apartment, they found Mrs. Arvenatti with signs of visable injury on her face. Arvenatti’s defense was, “She hit me first.”

Arvenatti was mulling over a run for president in 2020, and was booked on the felony charge. He posted a $50,000 bail and vowed to fight the charges, saying they were, “completely bogus”, and “fabricated and meant to do harm to my reputation.”

Arvenatti was set to go to Vermont this weekend where he had already sold tickets for a speaking event. That even has been cancelled and the ticket money has been refunded.

Basically, any chances of Michael Arvenatti running for president flew out the window after yesterday’s arrest. A guy that was seen by the left as the “#MeToo” champion of women, getting nailed on a felony domestic violence charge is about on the same level as Barack Obama telling you that “If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor.”

This is the problem the Democrats have in facing the 2020 elections. They have plenty of people that have wanted to step up and become president. However, when you look into the backgrounds of the people that are supposedly in the lead for consideration for the nomination, you find an awful lot of dirt. Just take a look at this list. You’ve got Joe Biden, who had to drop out of an earlier presidential bid because of plagiarism charges. You’ve got Elizabeth Warren, who made a mockery of her “Native American heritage” recently by publicizing the results of one of those pay-to-play DNA tests that showed she had as much Native America blood in her as a cigar store Indian. Then you’ve got Cory Booker, who has admitted to having basically raped women in an earlier editorial that he wrote. Oh, and of course, you’ve got Hillary Clinton…need I go into detail there?

And people think that Donald Trump is worried about the Democrats and their candidate for president? Are you kidding me? About the only way you could find a worse slate of candidates is if you went to Folsom Prison and grabbed the inmate population to run in the Democrats’ primary.

No, I don’t think the world will care one bit about Michael Arvenatti’s problems with his wife. If he were to actually run for the top office in this country, I think he’d probably be one of the first couple of people out of the running. After all, he only had a 1% approval rating in the most recent Democrat slate poll that was released a while back.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


2 thoughts on “Is THIS The Type Dems’ Want As President?

  1. Arvenatti would make a great nominee. He fits right in with all the other A-hole Democrats! They all seem to be competing for the title “BIGGEST A-hole”.

    For GOD and Country

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