Poor Ocasio-Cortez!

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has landed in DC, and immediately found out she was in a strange new land that didn’t necessarily know or appreciate her.

On her first day, she was sent to attend all of the indoctrination ceremonies for interns. Oops…she had to repeatedly tell the folks on Capitol Hill that she was America’s newest and youngest representative! How dare they not know who she was!

On her second day in DC, she was criticized for wearing what was termed, “clothing not appropriate for members of the House.” I guess t-shirts and jeans don’t cut it when you’re a member of Congress. Most of those people are either in dresses, pant-suits, or suits and ties. Oh well…she probably doesn’t get much of a chance to dress up back home!

Do you really feel sorry for Ocasio-Cortez getting treated this way? I mean, hey, it’s not like she was getting sent to a “coloreds only” bathroom or something. She is young, and was confused as being an intern. And if you don’t dress for success, people aren’t going to accept you as being someone of success. That’s been my experience in life.

When I was on the air, no one in the public saw me at work. I dressed down. Oh, I’d wear golf-shirts and sweaters and khaki pants. I wouldn’t quite go as far as my rock n roll brothers that would be at work in torn t-shirts and ratty jeans. But I certainly went business casual. When I got off the air and went into sales, it all had to change. I had to start buying suits, and not just stuff off the rack at JC Penney’s. I had to visit more upscale places that actually had quality clothing. But once I did that (and no…no one had to tell me that I was under-dressed!), people started treating me as a business person, not a DJ.

Same thing goes for this lady. Look, I don’t care what her politics are. She’s free to decide that for herself. And if she doesn’t mesh with her constituents, she wont’ be around long enough for anyone to notice she’s not wearing a Donna Karin original. But you DO owe it to your folks back home to present yourself in a manner consistent with the position you’re in. Otherwise you need to get ready to get confused as an intern or worse constantly.

I think this new crop of representatives have an awful lot to learn about being a representative in the House. From the interviews I’ve seen with a lot of them, they’re all pretty raw when it comes to their ability to communicate. I always thought that was one of the strengths of a politician. How in hell did some of these people get elected?

In the end, what’s going to matter for Ocasio-Cortez is her ability to work with others and make a name for herself. She’s already started on the second part of that. Let’s see if she can actually make a difference. My hunch is, she burns out in 4 years.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


3 thoughts on “Poor Ocasio-Cortez!

  1. I think the old Dem dogs will whip her into shape very fast with a very rude awakening. “It’s my way or the highway” is the message to any new member of Congress. I think she will quickly loose her enthusiasm to serve and become nothing more than a warm body with a vote.

    For GOD and Country

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    1. I think that will depend on whether or not Nancy Pelosi can become speaker. If Martha Fudge ends up getting the nod (and it would be a HUGE upset), my hunch is the whole pecking order of the Democrat party would be thrown into chaos for a very long time (and you can say goodbye for any chance of a Dem takeover of the White House in 2020!).


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