It’s A Disgrace!

Here’s what I think is very disingenuous and very inconsistent with Democrats. When they win, they are the ones when there is a claim of voter fraud, that seem to be on the receiving end. When they lose, they are the ones that are screaming that “every ballot needs to be counted”. That’s a fallacy. Every ballot does NOT need to be counted.

Let’s look into the Governor’s race in Georgia. Stacey Abrams lost to the current Secretary of State, Brian Kemp by a rather large and “un-recountable” amount. Still, she was so distraught that she didn’t concede like a normal person would on election night. She vowed to fight on, because of “voter supression”. I read “voter supression” as “we haven’t manufactured enough votes to win yet”.

In Florida, the same type of thing is going on, only with more of a pronounced illegality. Bill Nelson, the sitting US Senator, who really can’t win if past indications of recounts are any indication, is claiming that even people that haven’t gotten their votes in yet (a whopping 10 days AFTER the election, still get their votes in the mail, and oh, by the way… send him a check…these attorneys are really expensive.

Look, Election Day was the 6th. As you read this, it’s the 18th. That’s 12 days old. If Florida can’t count it’s ballots over 12 days and come up with a winner when the rest of the country did so in half that time, they don’t deserve to count any more ballots…I’m sorry!  Bill Nelson can’t get enough votes in a recount to overtake Rick Scott. He’s lost. And he can’t take the fact he’s out of a job, so he cries. Just like Stacey Abrams cries. She is planning on filing lawsuits over the way the Georgia race was run. Stacey, it was run the same way every other race in your state has been run since Reconstruction. You got beat. Face facts and get on with life.

You don’t see this type of very childish and immature behavior with Republicans. Hell, they even concede “for the good of the country”, rather than play Al Gore and throw dozens of lawsuits in the way of progress. You have to realize there is something else going on here, right? I mean, why are these guys all upset if they lose a race? Could it be that they felt the fix was in and somehow they got double-crossed? Nelson and Abrams follow very closely what I’m calling the “Hillary Syndrome”. You run for office and lose, and you can’t face the fact that voters rejected you for THAT guy! So, you complain and bitch about to everybody and anybody that will listen.

I’m just wondering if maybe Bill Nelson and Stacey Abrams would be happy with a participation trophy. It seems to me that’s a pretty big thing with liberals these days… maybe, just maybe that’s all they’re hanging around for. Well, that, and they just lost a decent sized paycheck. That may have something to do with it!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


4 thoughts on “It’s A Disgrace!

  1. “Participation Trophy”….I love it!

    The Dem’s have been stealing elections for a long time, but the one that still pisses me off for being so blatant is the 2008 Minnesota Senate race when Democrat Al Franken narrowly beat Republican incumbent Norm Coleman by only 312 votes. Problem is; there were at least 341 convicted felons from Hennepin County and another 52 from St. Paul’s Ramsey County that had their illegal votes counted! Maybe it’s that new circle math, but when I add up those numbers and then subtract them from Franken’s margin of victory, it appears to me that Franken would have lost that election if those illegal votes weren’t counted!?!? That’s exactly what the Dem’s mean when they say “count every vote”!

    Franken finally got his just do when he was forced to resign but don’t forget, he leaves congress with a very nice pension plan! He’s probably still laughing!

    For GOD and Country!

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