Liberals…Take Note!

On Monday, Barack Obama took the stage at the Obama Foundation Summit in Chicago, and declared that Donald Trump is filled with “hate, anger, racism, and mommy issues.” This from a former president of the United States, less than three years after leaving office.

Just in case you snowflakes out there are too addle-minded, it is tradition for politicians leaving the Oval Office to zip their mouths and not comment on the current president for at least his first term. Of course, that’s what people with a semblance of class do, and as we have learned Barack Obama has no class. 

For a president that had the worst political record of his 43 predecessors to come out and break tradition, and bad mouth Donald Trump is not only absurd, it’s idiocy and shows the contempt and hate-filled rhetoric the Democrats have.

Obama speaking about climate change. Now, as those of you that follow this blog know, “climate change”, which was re-named after “global warming” proved to be false because the Earth actually cooled, is indeed happening. It’s just that the liberals who are into seizing power any way they can, are trying to once again foist your freedoms away from you so they can tell you what to do. See, they feel they are the smartest people in the room, and therefore they should be able to control you and me, because we are sheep. With “climate change”, it is happening, but it’s not man made. There hasn’t been any proof given from any respected scientist that wasn’t trying to get a government grant that can show that it is. Climate changes. That’s the definition of climate. And for Barack Obama…supposedly a smart guy, to be so stupid is not only comical, it’s downright idiocy.

Look, Obama is not the guy to be criticizing Donald Trump on anything. He had the slowest recovery of any recession of any president in history. He was the first president in history not to acheive a 3.0 GDP growth at all during his presidency (and that was 8 years!). And he screwed up more foreign policy decisions than any other president in history. Add to that, he was slapped down by the Supreme Court more times than any president in history (even FDR!) and you’ve got a total failure for a president. So, why is America listening to him at all? 

This is the problem with the Democrat Party today. They want to call names of their GOP counterparts, and call them hate-filled and mean, and racist, when in fact, they are the ones that are hate-filled, and mean, and racist. You don’t think it’s hate-filled or mean to chase someone down the street screaming at them? You don’t think it’s mean to follow someone through an airport doing the same thing? Are you trying to tell me that these people aren’t hate-filled when they refuse to serve people in a restaurant just because of their political beliefs? If that were done because of skin color or sexual orientation, they would be arrested for a hate-crime and the restaurant would be shut down.

No, liberals, you are hypocrites. And until you change your tune, it’s going to get ugly. You will never win with this attitude in the long run and the sooner you realize it, the better off your side is going to be. Wake up!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


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