UN Migration Pact Disintigrating

If you don’t follow the UN (and not many of us do), and you’re not into “globalism news”, you probably missed this one altogether…but the United Nations had passed a Migration Pact, in which member countries were supposed to basically allow free migration from one country to another. The United States strongly rebuked the pact and vowed not to follow it. That was followed by hoots and hollers from the mainstream media types and from liberal countries that want to be able to off-load all of their non-productive citizens to other countries.

Of course, what started all of this was the genocide in Syria. Millions of Syrians have left that country since the civil war started, and most have fled to Europe. Of course, mixed in with the group of refugees are a bunch of terrorists, and have plotted and carried out attacks on European soil since arriving.

The United States pulled out, with President Donald Trump commenting, 
“Ultimately, the only long-term solution to the migration crisis is to help people build more hopeful futures in their home countries. Make their countries great again.”

He’s 100% correct in that assessment. The goal here shouldn’t be to migrate millions of people from where they are to other places. The goal should be for their socialistic governments to rid their failure of a political system, and improve the lives of their people at home. Ah, but that is always easier said than done.

Once again, what started out as a good idea (the United Nations) quickly became a quagmire of socialist and communist thought as the left took over the institution. In its wake, there was left good ideas as countries with no leadership and no ideas of their own out-maneuvered western cultures who had proven to be far more advanced. In the end, the United Nations is a lot like leftist run cities like Detroit, San Francisco, and Chicago…lawless pockets that have no defining qualities other than to continue to hold on to power. Like those cities, the UN really faces two choices, become more conservative and revert to the ideals that made it a decent institution in the beginning, or fail. Actually, the UN is probably too far gone to make the repentance to self sufficiency, and really needs to be blown up and started again as a functioning body.

The good news here is that the “Migration Pact” is losing steam world-wide. Countries that had originally signed up for it under pressure like Australia, Israel, and Poland, have backed away from the deal saying it was inconsistent with their values and their way of life. As more and more countries adopt this more normalized approach, and follow Trump’s suggestion that improving homeland countries is a much better solution than the leftist idea of letting millions of people just roam the Earth in search of different homes, hopefully the same countries will also realize how damning the United Nations is and decide to either change it, or back out altogether.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


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