Snowflakes’ New Definition Of “Fact”

it started slowly, almost imperceptibly. I had missed it for quite a while, and I think most of us still haven’t caught on, but it’s slowly changing the definition of “fact” itself. I guess you could say, it’s also changing the definition of “guilt” itself as well. It’s like the PC craze that started a few decades ago and is slowly (finally) petering out.

It’s the new liberal snowflake definition of “fact”.

I’ve seen it out here in the desert surrounding certain things, and I’ve seen it probably most effectively used against Roy Moore in his battle to win a Senate seat in Alabama. It also permeated the Brett Kavanaugh Senate confirmation hearings earlier this year. It’s using an accusation, with no proof attached to it, as a fact…and expecting everyone and their brothers to accept the statement as fact…even though it’s totally made up.

I’ve seen it out here in several instances where people are accusing others of some sort of wrong doing, yet they have no proof of the wrong doing. They make the accusation, and expect you to find the accused guilty just because of the accusation. We saw it with Roy Moore in his Senate race when women came forward stating that he had sexually abused them 30 and 40 years ago, with again, no proof and no way to prove it. We are just to trust what they are saying as fact, and convict based on their statement, whether or not it’s true.

We see it again in the Brett Kavanaugh situation. Christine Blasey Ford had accused Kavanaugh of attempted rape. Yet, no one could corroborate her story. Even her closest friends said they didn’t remember the “facts” the way she did. And yet, liberal snowflake Senators clamored to “believe” her story, even though there was no proof. 

So, is this a new liberal way of forgoing the truth and getting to convict someone you disagree with on political grounds, or personal grounds just because you can? There is no evidence in any of the situations that I’ve mentioned that these situations actually have occurred. In fact, the entire #MeToo movement is made up of mostly (but not entirely) accusations that aren’t provable. In wiser times, we would have had pity on the person making the accusation, but being unable to provide the proof, we would have presumed innocence until guilt could be proven. That seems to be a lynch pin in the liberals way of thinking in most of their arguments today, so they need to come up with something to do away with it all. Thus, we get the “accusation as fact” movement.

The worst thing that we as Americans can do is adopt this as a cogent argument. It’s not. It’s a fallacy. It’s salacious. And it eats at the very soul of what our judicial system stands for. Does this mean that I can make the claim that Hillary Clinton once raped me during her 2016 stop here in Phoenix, and that you HAVE to believe my story? Or, as liberals would like to have you believe, because I’m conservative, I’m lying through my teeth and you can’t believe a word I say…but if Hillary Clinton made the accusation that I raped her during her 2016 stop in Phoenix, you’d believe her?

Facts are facts. Accusations are not. We cannot let a bunch of liberal activists change the way we perceive right and wrong just so they can conjure up their own version of the truth. Just saying Donald Trump colluded with the Russians to throw the election doesn’t make it so…even though snowflakes would like you to believe it does!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


4 thoughts on “Snowflakes’ New Definition Of “Fact”

  1. You’re so right! Remember when Harry Reid said that he heard Mitt Romney didn’t pay his taxes? Perception is reality!

    Do me a favor and Google “Ballot Harvesting”. You’ll learn how a new law in California made it possible for the Dem’s, who were running for office and were losing, suddenly win their elections over the Republican’s! I’m afraid that more States will pass a similar law and when that happens, all bets are off as to when a Republican can once again win an election.

    You’ve gotta give the Dem’s credit for one thing, they have a great ground game!

    Hopefully Ballot Harvesting will be a future Blog!

    For GOD and Country

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