World Leader?

I want you to think back a few years ago…oh, it’s not that long ago. There was a president we had that said it was best to “lead from behind”. Do you remember that? That the days of America being the “world leader” were over. I think if I remember correctly, that he actually started out his term in office on a world apology tour, telling our friends and enemies that we were sorry for having been so arrogant over the years and that things were different. Does that sound the least bit familiar to anybody?

Apparently, things have changed.

Back then, people felt that this “lead from behind” guy was right and that we were taking on too much. We were trying to lead everybody into being more like us. And how things have changed. Now, according to a new Gallup Poll (yes…they are still around), 75% of Americans think that the United States should be a world leader. Want to know the amazing fact? 81% of Democrats feel that way, that’s up 20% from five years ago.

Yes…DEMOCRATS lead the way in wanting the US to become a world leader. And I wonder what Bobo Obama thinks about that? Here he is, on the campaign trail in Mississippi, bashing Donald Trump and telling the world that, “Remember…it was ME that did all of the good stuff, not Trump!”, and yet, his vision of “leading from behind” is being basically ignored by his own party. What a kick in the legacy!

But it’s not surprising. Americans have always wanted to be leaders in pretty much everything. If the Olympics were coming up, we wanted to win the most medals. If it were a war we were fighting, we were doing it for the right reasons, and we had to win it. If it was a policy we wanted, we had to prevail. America had to win. And America did win far more often than not. In fact, it’s really only been in the last forty years or so that America hasn’t won. A lot of that has to do with snowflake liberalism and their idea that globally is far better than locally. They want everyone to come together and sing kumbaya. The problem is, we will never all get along.

If you take all of the time through recorded history that there has been “world peace”, where people haven’t been fighting each other. Of the 3,400 years of recorded human history, there has been “world peace” for only 268 of them. So, no…we aren’t singing kumbaya.

We were born to lead. And we have basically lead for 120 years. Throughout our history, we’ve led in politics, in industry, in innovation, in science and math, and in the arts. There have been others of course, but we have led. It’s nice to see that the Democrats finally agree with mainstream America on one thing!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


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