A Mistake To Impeach?

Democrat leadership in the House aren’t saying that impeachment of Donald Trump is an issue…but they ARE saying it’s not off the table either. And why is that? Simply because they don’t recognize him as a legitimate president because he’s not a politician. Well, I can go back throughout history and point out a bunch of presidents, good and bad, that weren’t career politicians. George Washington wasn’t a politician. Woodrow Wilson wasn’t a politician. Dwight D. Eisenhower wasn’t a politician. Ronald Reagan wasn’t really a politician.

But here’s the rub for Democrats that apparently they are missing. They are not learning the hard lessons of history. They forget that there was backlash when Bill Clinton was impeached. His approval ratings went up, and though he was already in his second term, he probably could have won re-election if he had been able to run. And to be quite frank, Al Gore should have won the election in 2000 had he not been such a bad candidate. Clinton was right when he blamed the 2000 loss on Gore!

Democrats also need to learn that impeachment isn’t meant to be a political tool. It’s a legal tool. You cannot indict a sitting president (and the DOJ has already given their opinion on that, as have countless legal scholars). In order to bring a sitting president to justice for crime he has committed, you have to first remove him from office. You do that through the impeachment process. The House impeaches him with a simple majority vote. The the Senate hears the trial (prosecuted by House members) and either finds the president guilty or not guilty. It takes 67 votes in the Senate to convict, and there’s the rub.

The Republicans hold 53 seats, the Democrats 47, including 2 Independents that caucus with the Democrats. That means that in order for impeachment to have any teeth, all of the Democrats and Independents, along with 20 of the 53 Republicans would have to vote to convict Trump. Now, being a smart individual, how likely do you think that will happen?

And let’s just ask another question while we are at it. What do you think the American people’s response would be to a Congress that needs to do immigration reform, healthcare reform, education reform, solve the opioid crises, and tackle the myriad of other issues plaguing our country, if they are wasting time impeaching a president that there is absolutely no way in hell they are going to convict him?

The American people will see Congress, and the House especially since they started this mess, as wasting time, not doing the country’s business, and will basically come down against the Democrats that voted for impeachment in 2020’s election. And while we’re at it, do you think that would help or hinder Donald Trump’ re-election chances? My personal feeling? It’d be a major help for the reasons I’ve already outlined. Remember…Trump does a great job in being Trump, and explaining himself, while making the other guy the villain.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


3 thoughts on “A Mistake To Impeach?

    1. Well, what they don’t get, Carl, is that “impeachment” isn’t a political tool, it’s a legal tool. And they are using it as a political tool because they don’t like him. Unfortunately, if you look at what happened back in 1998 with Bill Clinton, Democrat enrollment went sky high to one of it’s highest levels in a LONG time when Clinton got impeached, and didn’t get convicted. Same thing will happen here. You know what happens if you fail to learn from history? Yeah…that’ll happen!


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