Fake News?

I don’t know if you watched Donald Trump’s address to the nation last night, or the “Democrat Response” by Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi that followed. Here’s my takeaway.

First of all, it was nice to see the president using a more traditional medium to reach the American public. I’ve never been a fan of the Tweets. I understand he uses it as his “bully pulpit”, but he has TV still for that. What he said was true. You can’t have a country that doesn’t have and protect borders. It is not only a national security issue, it’s a humanitarian crisis. It is a very large part of the decline of America that is taking place, and yes, I personally blame the liberals in this country for it. Without a secure border, we are nothing. And for Democrats to think that there aren’t terrorists who want to do us harm coming across with those illegals from Central America is poppycock.

As for the Democrats’ response, I was appalled. To call what the president outlined “fake news” was a travesty of justice. It was un-American, it was un-patriotic, and it was bordering on treason. Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer knowingly aided and abetted the enemies of the United States last night with their ramblings. And they did so on national television. Both should be arrested, charged, tried, and convicted of treason and serve the penalty that fits such a crime.

Liberals who tell me that it’s “racist” and “jingoist” to have a border wall have no idea what reality is. Just look at the number of people in our country who have been killed by people that don’t have the right to be here. It’s amazing! Think about the illegal drugs that pour into this country because of illegal aliens that cross our porous border like walking into a Walmart, and poison our loved ones, our neighbors, our friends, and our co-workers.

I know for a fact that Donald Trump has drawn a George H.W. Bush “Read my lips, no new taxes” line in the sand that could very well cost him re-election in 2020 if he doesn’t stick to his promise. And I hope and pray that he sticks to it for as long as it takes. He not only needs to stick to it, he needs to double down. He needs to declare the illegal border crossing a national emergency, and close the border with Mexico, giving the Border Patrol orders to shoot to kill anyone crossing the border. We’ve seen that getting tough slows the border crossings to a crawl. If these illegals learn that they risk getting killed by crossing the border, the risk becomes greater than the reward and they won’t come (as much).

Build the wall, and get tough with illegals. If California wants them, let them secede from the union, start their own country, and they can do whatever they want. Then we can build the wall from Arizona and Nevada north to Oregon and west to the Pacific Ocean.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed.


6 thoughts on “Fake News?

  1. We need to see the resurrection of the Tea Party or some similar group that will gather on the Mall in Washington and call-out the names of those congress men and women who are violating their oath of office and demand that they resign. Those congress men and women are not only failing to “protect and defend” our country, they are failing to represent the citizens they’re suppose to represent and they are also putting the lives and security of American citizens behind those of illegal aliens.

    And I can’t believe that the citizens of States, like California and New York, are okay with their Governors decision on sanctuary and the fact that THEY will be the ones who will be paying for all the entitlements, schooling and healthcare that those illegal aliens will be receiving. Isn’t the cost of living already too high in those states? They can’t be that stupid….or could they? Maybe that’s why people are leaving those states? No maybe about it!

    Let’s call them all out and highlight their hypocrisy. Hang them with their own petard!

    For GOD and Country

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    1. The people of New York and Cali are not like you and me, Tom. They have been brainwashed and not educated. I listened to a bunch of college kids extol the virtues of why we shouldn’t have a wall. They called it “jingoistic”, “racist”, “inhumane”… and I have to wonder why in the world they would want to leave the borders unprotected so just anybody could come across. Hell, even with Ellis Island you had to go through immigration!


  2. Here’s my take on this, I listen to him last night, but not the other two, I can’t stand looking at them let alone hear the crap that comes out of their mouth, I truly believe he is for this country, but I wish he would keep his mouth shut at times, because he lets the enemy know what he’s thinking, and it gives them a chance to plot and plan to try to take him down, and I stand behind him 100% on this…we have locks on our homes, our cars and many people have security systems even guns in their homes and we have laws to help protect us against being victimized against the low life, “this is not being racist” to ask people to do what the law states… do it legally, ring the doorbell and if you’re not allowed in, then turn around and go home!!!
    This past election I could not vote for Trump, because I knew he is against the environment and wildlife and I definitely couldn’t vote for Hillary… I can’t stand the bitch, so I didn’t vote for either, but I was hoping Trump would win.. I know that sounds pathetic, but that was the spot I was in, my husband and I are voting this time and it’s going to be Trump!!!
    God bless America and God bless President Trump!

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    1. Nancy, you and I are in lock-step with our feelings about our president. I wish to God he would stop with the bad-mouthing, and the incessant Tweets. It looks bad, certainly not presidential, and it degrades the office that frankly I respect more than any man that sits in it. But his policies have for the most part have been spot on. I think he has too much of a “my way or the highway” attitude toward his staff, but you’re right…he’s a ton better than Hillary would have been. And yes…I sat through the Schumer/Pelosi charade, but you know…when you do these political blogs, you gotta hold your nose sometimes and wade in the sewer. Thanks for your response!!! I love hearing from you!

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