Two Dem’s Almost Have It Right!

Chris Van Hollen and Ben Carden, the two Democrat Senators from Maryland almost have it right…and I sorta, kinda agree with them. They are saying that the US Senate shouldn’t take up any legislation until they’ve taken a vote and passed a bill opening up the government.

There is some method to their madness.

I don’t agree with why they are doing it. They are doing it because they know the bills the House will be sending will be “Pelosized” and will not include money for a border wall, nor will it include much money for Homeland Security (who would be in charge of building the said wall). I don’t agree with that part. What I agree with is, the government is shut down. When the government is shut down it shouldn’t be running. That means Congress shouldn’t be meeting, Congressmen and women shouldn’t be getting paid, and until they decide to open the government back up or at least take a vote on it, nothing should get done. And I’m fine with that.

I’ve always said that we really don’t need more laws. That’s Congress’ main job. And let’s face it, we’ve got too many damn laws in this country as it is. So, why do we need Congress? OK, maybe to pass a budget, which they suck at. Maybe to have the Senate approve presidential appointments, which they take way too long to get done. And other than that, what are they supposed to be doing? More laws? To paraphrase an old favorite movie, “We don’t need more stinkin’ laws!”

So, Van Hollen and Carden have swerved into a correct answer, by going the wrong way down a one-way street. Keep Congress, hell, keep Washington and the federal government shut down, until you decide you can play nice and work across the aisle. If you can’t do that, then you don’t get paid, nobody that’s working for the government gets paid, and nothing remains open.

And this gets to my main point. Why do people care if the government is open or not? Because we’ve become too dependent on our federal government. We depend on them not only to do what governments are supposed to do, protect our borders, fight our wars, mint our money, maintain our infrastructure and the like. We’ve also become dependent on them to do things like send us money through Social Security, Welfare, Food Stamps (or whatever they call it nowadays), and insure use through Obamacare, Medicare, and Medicaid. We depend on them for practically everything in life these days, and that’s just wrong.

This country wasn’t built around government. It was built around freedom. It was built around self-reliance and dependence on family and community, not government. The liberals in our society have transformed that founding principle into a cradle to grave teet that we are all supposed to suckle at. It’s disgusting and quite frankly it’s totally unnecessary.

So, Democrats, keep up your fight! Don’t give an inch on the wall! Donald Trump, don’t give a centimeter on the wall! Keep the government closed. You’re helping lower the federal debt and any budget deficit by shutting things down.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


2 thoughts on “Two Dem’s Almost Have It Right!

  1. It’s funny how people think! When I saw Chris Van Hollen make that statement, I immediately thought, “You asshole. Congress isn’t closed, you’re still getting paid! And if Congress was closed how could there ever be a budget bill passed”.

    I thought that was about as big a boner as Jim Acosta’s attempt to show that nobody’s crossing the border at locations that are fenced or walled! He actually called the area “tranquil”. Of course it was tranquil, they’re all gathering and crossing at locations that DON’T have fencing or walls!

    Rumor has it that there’s another 15,000+ people caravan making its way to our southern border!

    For GOD and Country

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