Ocasio-Cortez’ Proposals From Another World

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is an economics major from Boston University. Now, if you were to spend any time listening to her extol her virtues on how our world should be shaped economically, you’d probably end up thinking she came from the University of Moscow. It’s that disjointed.

Let’s just look at what she’s talking about, shall we?

She is proposing a top tiered tax rate of 70%. That takes us back to the Carter era. When you tax the wealthiest Americans that much, what happens? The answer is, they figure a work around. They always have, and they always will. They either sit on what they’ve earned and stop making money until the high tax bracket goes away, or they decide that there are other loopholes that Congress left in that they can take advantage of. These people employ the best and brightest CPA’s and money managers. They understand that stuff better than Ocasio-Cortez ever will. And therefore, they won’t really be hurt by such a tax increase. It also means that they won’t be paying it. That leads to an increase in the federal debt.

Ocasio-Cortez wants free college for all…and to forgive all college debt. Over the next 10 years, Ocasio-Cortez’ proposal for free college would run over $2.1 Trillion. That includes all of the students currently enrolled in college, and the actual influx of students that would attend college if it were free. Add that to the $22 Trillion federal debt we’ve got today. Now, add another $1.2 Trillion. That’s the amount of outstanding student loans that are out there. So this proposal is going to cost about $3.3 Trillion…and that’s a conservative estimate. I tried to run the numbers on what that would be from a per family number and frankly, I got boggled. I think it’s something like costing each person in the country $10,000 or so. That’s each person, not each household. And that’s each year not over 10 years. At least that’s my figures. If you come up with something different let me know.

Now let’s look at free healthcare, another of Ocasio-Cortez’ wish list. Free universal healthcare would be a huge hit. We’re talking about $8,700 between private and public funds for each person according to the latest Bernie Sanders model. That comes out to a staggering $4.8 TRILLION per year! Again, if my math is fuzzy, let me know.

Overall in this country we cannot afford her proposals for one simple reason…there just isn’t enough money in the country to accomodate her wishes. That’s what I don’t understand about liberals. They have no problem coming up with expensive ideas. They just have a problem with figuring how they are going to pay for them. And we are talking about a person that graduated from an elite school in economics! Did she even go to class?

The dumbing down of America has been complete if people are going to buy into this ludicrous notion that the government is going to give anything free. It’s wealth redistribution, it’s not free. Someone is going to end up paying for it. Government may be able to print money, but they certainly don’t make any of it. They take it from the people that they govern. And there is the problem with government-subsidized anything.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


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