Pelosi’s Latest Gaffe

It didn’t take long for Nancy Pelosi to open mouth and insert foot. The new Speaker of the House did so by letter this time around, suggesting that Donald Trump either delay the scheduled January 29th State Of The Union Address to Congress because of the partial government shutdown, or give it from the Oval Office, or better yet (in her eyes) just write it out and send it on over.

It was quickly rebuffed by members of both the House and Senate on both sides of the aisle, and the thought that Pelosi had that because of the government shutdown, that they couldn’t provide “enough security” was even walked back by Pelosi herself, almost as soon as she said it.

Why do I get the feeling Nancy Pelosi is like the old woman that has a gaggle of other old women at her house sitting around the living room drinking tea coming up with stupid ideas?

First of all, in all honesty, only about 25% or so of the government is shut down. And it’s probably more of a slowdown than a shutdown at this point. Yes, there are a few hundred thousand people that aren’t getting paid, which is a travesty, especially seeing that Congress still has a paycheck. And business is going on as usual in the halls of the Capitol and at the White House. So don’t tell me there’s a government shutdown. There isn’t.

Second, Pelosi would love to take away the biggest stage of the year that any sitting president has. Her hatred for Donald Trump is visceral, and it shows so clearly that I would put her in the same emotional state of mind as Maxine Waters (which is pretty close to if not already insane).

Suggesting that the president give the State Of The Union from the Oval Office, or in written form is a throwback to Thomas Jefferson, who decided that giving a State Of The Union speech was too “kingly”, so he wrote it out and shipped it off to Congress. That was in 1801. It would be 113 years later before a president would actually travel down to the Capitol and give the address to Congress in person. Woodrow Wilson was the guy that did it in the very first night speech to Congress.

Since that time, every president has given at least one speech to Congress. But there have been several occasions when a written speech was delivered. FDR sent over a written text due to poor health. Eisenhower did it in 1961 (before January 20th), Richard Nixon sent text in 1973, and Jimmy Carter also followed suit in 1981 (again, just before he left office).

But for the most part, it’s pomp and circumstance that presidents thrive on. It’s their chance to strut their stuff in front of the nation, even though it’s become a situation when about 10-15% of the country actually tunes in. Pelosi’s attempt to take that away from Trump fell on deaf ears, which is interesting since she is the one that has to give the invitation to the President to show up in the first place.

We can only watch with glee on January 29th when Trump gives his speech, and Nancy Pelosi will be seen sitting behind him during the whole thing, grimacing and making faces, like the two year old she is.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

19 thoughts on “Pelosi’s Latest Gaffe

  1. Isn’t it interesting that, because of the shut-down, Pelosi was concerned about the President’s safety and security at the State of the Union Address but wasn’t concerned about her own or her staff’s safety when she decided to fly into a war zone to meet our troops? Hmmmmm!

    For GOD and Country

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  2. Pelosi was using her head which is something Trump has yet to do. He must open the government. We all know the state of the union and don’t expect it to change as long as he and his regime are in the White House.


    1. Hmm…well, first of all, let’s see what the Democrats decide to do with his latest offer. If they rebuff it, they have no intention of negotiating (which IS after all the whole meaning of politics), then I put the blame on them. If they come together and don’t reach an agreement, then I would say he didn’t give enough. As far as the state of the union not changing…have you looked at the economy? SO much better than the Obama years of zero growth and being told “this is the new normal”!!!

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      1. The shutdown should never have happened. The great negotiator threw a tantrum and left he meeting. There should be no more wall. There are better ways to protect the borders which most of us want to see. Tunneling has been reported. This is another political game of a man with no conscience. Open the government and settle the issue on the border then. He proudly took ownership of the shutdown without a clue of what he was doing to our economy. Get over Clinton and Obama. They aren’t I’m the White House anymore . You are obviously not one of the federal workers held hostage by a tyrant who proudly shut dow our government.


      2. OK. I get it you’re not a Trump fan. And you’re right…Trump took ownership of the shutdown. Actually he’s helping our economy because every week that goes by our national debt goes down by over $7 billion dollars. And no…I’m not a federal worker. I work for a living. As for the wall, I think it’s very interesting that the very same people you seem to champion about opposing the wall, all voted FOR a wall until Trump became President. There’s no politics in that one, right? I mean, they’re just looking out for the poor immigrants. It has nothing to do with the fact Trump campaigned for it, right? C’mon House…look at reality on this one and leave politics at the door!

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      3. “I’m not a federal worker…I work for a living “. I may not like Trump but you don’t like people. You’re in a dark place and I’m going to leave you therre. It would be easier talking to a wall. I hope we can look back on history and be proud that America made it through this attack on democracy.


    2. Kind of biased, aren’t you? By the way, it’s not saying much when you say Pelosi is using her head because her head is almost completely empty. She had the power to open the government by trying to compromise, but she absolutely refused to negotiate. That’s not serving her constituents—that’s being self centered and infantile.


      1. Yes, I am biased against the mob that has hijacked our government. Trump doesn’t give a damn about anything but power that is why he caved to Pelosi, like all bullies when they confront power they will cave. Stop watching Fox and save our democracy from mob rule.


      2. Mob rule??? C’mon House! The only mobs I’m seeing these days are all of the unemployed people that live in their parents basements who protest over the least little thing. What mob rule are you talking about? You don’t like Trump…you don’t like Pelosi…for God’s sakes, don’t tell me you’re a fan of AOC and Bernie!?!?


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