If You Love Your Healthcare…

Do you happen to remember Bobo Obama back in the early days of the debate on Obamacare? Remember him saying, “If you love your doctor, you can keep your doctor, and if you love your healthcare, you can keep your healthcare?” Well, those turned out to foreshadow the lies that would become the Obama administration. As it turns out, plenty of people lost their doctor, and plenty of people…myself included, lost their healthcare insurance…to the point where now after being retired for 7 1/2 years, I get to head to work every morning. And I get to tell the owner of the company I could give a rat’s rear end about getting a raise, as long as I get a decent healthcare package.

Well, it’s all about to change….maybe.

Kamala Harris, the Democrat socialist from Cali that is a freshman Senator, taking Barbara Boxer’s place, and who just announced her intention to run for president this past week, has decided if you love your healthcare plan, nope…it’s gone!

That’s because Kamala Harris is going back to the old Hillary Clinton healthcare plan of 1993. If you weren’t around back then, yes, it forced everybody to buy insurance, but it also forced employers, employees, everybody with a private healthcare plan to give it up “for the greater good”, which is a phrase snowflakes LOVE to use anytime they think they don’t have a cogent argument for something.

And that’s what Kamala Harris is doing. She was interviewed and they were asking her about Obama’s comment. She said, no…you will have Medicare. Everyone will have Medicare. And everyone will have topnotch service, and great response times, and wonderful things will happen.

Now, those of you that were around in the Desert Musings blog days know full well, the reason that blog was started in the first place was Obamacare, and the lies that were behind it. I knew, with the basic 9th grade math skills that I own, that the numbers didn’t add up and there was no way the program could survive. It hasn’t.

And, if Kamala Harris is pushed as to how in the world the United States of America can afford the trillions of dollars it’s going to cost to bring her vision of Utopia to all of us lowly serfs, her answer is, “Don’t worry about it!” AND she’s promising a middle class tax cut to boot. Let’s face one fact. 47% of Americans no longer pay income taxes. The Democrats have slowly, but surely erased them from the tax rolls altogether. So that means that 53% of Americans now are going to not only pay for the government (and individual income tax accounts for only 50% of that!), but they will have to fork over even more to pay the trillions in healthcare cost that Harris is proposing. Yeah, Kamala. I worry about that. Give me the numbers on this one, because frankly my dear, your candidacy is going to be the cheapest thing you ever do if you get elected.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


10 thoughts on “If You Love Your Healthcare…

  1. Kamala Harris didn’t run the numbers. She doesn’t care about them. Her healthcare agenda is only to attract votes, as you well know. She hasn’t thought it out. Except she sees the present funding of social security (and massive tax increases) as the path to Medicare for All. Talk about a socialist (Democratic Party) push. I think this will eventually backfire on Harris. # 1, the private insurance sector is pretty powerful. Their lobbyist will become quite active. They probably aren’t taking her seriously…..yet. Harris and this Cortez dope are drinking from the same Kool-Aid bowl.

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    1. While I’d like to believe that, I find it difficult that these smart insurance people never bought into the fact Obamacare was set up to fail and that they’d be the fall guys! Somehow, the lobbyists let their clients down big time on that one! As far as what the Dem’s think, it’s incrementalism at it’s finest…just keep pushing inch by inch until you get it. And that you for the RB by the way!!!


      1. I would say the lobbyist didn’t take Obama seriously. They probably thought Obamacare wouldn’t make it out of the bucket, that it would fail and not be passed, which they were wrong. They got it half right it did fail…….after it hurt people.

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      2. Actually, I think they DID take him seriously, but he lied to them, saying that THEY were the ones that were going to be able to reap wonderful profits from this because of the government guarantees if they lost money. Another “Thanks, Obama” moment!

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