Trump Approval Up After SOTU

As I sat watching the State of the Union speech the other night, I was thinking to myself that there would probably be some sort of bump in Donald Trump’s approval rating. Now, that wasn’t a very long or difficult putt…because that usually happens after being on that big of a stage and having the nation’s attention focused on you for so long. And wouldn’t you know it…I was right.

Donald Trump went into the evening with a 47% approval rating according to Rasmussen, who is the only national polling company to do daily presidential approval polls anymore. And by Friday, that number broke through the 50% mark. It’s been an up and down road, but once again, Donald Trump’s numbers at this point in his presidency are greater than his predecessor. Obama only had a 46% approval rating following his second State of the Union speech.

Here’s what I found interesting about the speech and the follow up. All of the mainstream liberal news outlets were hounding Trump on several fronts, while praising the likes of the “women in white”, and Nancy Pelosi, for their inactions during the speech. However, America voted and we found out that Trump’s speech was approved by 97% of Republicans (not a huge surprise by any standard), 30% by Democrats (which I did find amusing), and a whopping 82% by independents. That means that most of the country felt Trump was correct in his words and actions during the State of the Union…actually, an overwhelming number of Americans felt that way.

So it begs the question, if America felt that Trump did a good job, just how out of touch is the mainstream liberal media? I mean, they have an approval rating somewhere between drug dealers and Harvey Weinstein, so no one is really giving them tons of credit when it comes to them actually reporting the news rather than making it up. But the funny thing is, very few of the libs in the media were willing to give Trump any credit at all for any of the things he talked about. Oh, they were quick to point out that Democrat women made up most of the women in Congress (Trump never said that wasn’t the case, nor did he take credit for more women than ever before being elected…that was the media’s assertion though). They were quick to try and point out that 31 wasn’t the same as “a third” even though it’s damn close.

No, in the end analysis, Trump maybe didn’t hit a home run the other night, but he certainly drove in a couple of runs. And the media that hates to give him any credit what-so-ever, wasn’t going to raise an eyebrow except to doubt his every word.

And so it will go until either the media dies off, or Trump leaves office. That’s what we get by allowing liberals to teach our kids in college.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


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