Sheer Genius? Or Sheer Idiocy?

Whether you like the guy or despise him, Donald Trump certainly has become a lightening rod. Some people call his style of management “sheer genius”. Others think of him more like an idiot who is going through the motions and letting everyone else do the work so he can take the credit.

So which is correct?

Actually, both are correct. Trump is a master of coming up with award winning ideas that make him look good, even when initially it makes him look like dog doo-doo. He makes outlandish claims, then walks them back very softly later, saying it’s all a part of negotiations. And anybody that’s ever been a serious student of sales can tell you that yes…you always start with what would be so over the top, the other side is going to cringe and call you an idiot. There’s no way in the world that you’re ever going to get it. Well, you’re not out to get that. But if you started asking for what you really wanted, you’d have to negotiate down from that position. In that regard, Donald Trump is unparalleled at the art of negotiations.

Lately, he’s been called on the carpet for his “work schedule”. It includes a lot of watching of TV (basically news channels), reading the newspapers, and doing a lot of tweeting. So, how does the most powerful man in the world actually have time for all of that? He delegates the workload to the multiple minions in the White House. His job (as he sees it) is to sit back and take in information, process it, and distribute it along with an idea or two. Then it gets fine-tuned, goes back to him, he presents it and takes the credit. Yeah, it’s not the easiest situation if you’re one of the underlings, but it works.

It also does something else. It allows him to control the days’ news. He can basically say something really questionable, almost stupid, and get your mind off of something else he really doesn’t want you honing in on. It’s happened more often than not. Hell, it happened during the entire 2016 campaign. Do you really think that Hillary Clinton wanted to talk about how bad a person Donald Trump was, or would she rather have talked about her ideas on how to run the country and how she would help children? He won because he had her on defense from day one and never gave up.

So, the question remains, is he a genius or is he an idiot? That depends at which part of the day you look at him. He does have a tendency to make you slap your forehead and think, “What a dolt this guy is!”. When at the end of it all, you’re nodding and going right along side of him on the issue. Or not. There are a lot of people out there that see his actions for what they are and aren’t fooled by the antics…they know he’s pulling the rug over people’s eyes, and they don’t like it. But let’s face it…he’s Donald Trump, and there’s not much they can do about it!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


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