Deal Reached To Keep Gov’t Open…No One Happy.

I guess when you compromise, the way forward a lot of times is that no one should be happy with the outcome. That was the way it was back in the day when the Obama administration came up with the plan to take money from both the military and social programs if the Congress couldn’t come up with a budget deal…and they couldn’t.

Well, the Trump administration probably feels the same way.

It was reported yesterday that Congress has reached “an agreement in principle” to keep the government open. Basically it means, Trump gets enough money to build about 55 miles of wall instead of 200 miles he was seeking (he says he can do it another way). The Democrats get caps on the number of detainees that can be held in this country, and the number of detention beds ICE can maintain (which is actually higher than the number that are currently held).

Trump said at a rally in El Paso last night that there is no way he’s going to release criminals and gang members into the public, which basically is what the Democrats are calling for. That said, the conservatives in Congress are going ape-crazy over the deal, saying it gives away too much. Nancy Pelosi is said to have signed off on it, so it should pass the House. I’m not sure, with conservatives balking at it, if it will get the necessary votes in the Senate by Friday night, and no one is sure if Donald Trump will sign on to it.

Here’s my take. Trump is going to build his wall. Period. He is going to find a way to put the wall up. Hell, he’s been fundraising from the American public for the past two months on this anyway. He’s got the money in the bank for it through private funds. He doesn’t need Congress. And he also has the “national emergency” sitting in his back pocket. If Bobo Obama can use it no fewer than 12 times during his presidency to punish foreign leaders and businessmen from gaining access to their holdings in this country (nine of which are still in effect), then Trump certainly can use it to protect our borders! Of course, it will be challenged in court, and will slow things down to a crawl, which is the Democrat’s playbook.

Does it really matter to most people if the government shuts down? Which I guess is more important…that the government shuts down for another month, or that we finally secure our southern border and stop this illegal influx of aliens into our country? There it is. That’s the choice. Congress gets to choose, and so do you at the ballot box. THAT is what is going to be the top issue in 2020…mark my words!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


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