What The Dems’ “New” Investigations Into Trump Mean

Democrats were just plain giddy about the prospect of taking over the House of Representatives. It was because it meant they could start looking into the various different ways they felt Donald Trump had cheated, cajoled, and obfuscated all Americans through his “slimy business practices”. Never mind that all of that stuff occurred long before Trump ever decided to run for president. Never mind that all of that stuff was actually legal, though may be somewhat questionable as far as morality and ethics are concerned. They Dems’ felt they had him and were going to nail him to the nearest tree.

Well, it’s been a few months since Democrats took over the House. And so far, there has been a lot of blather about investigating Trump, but not much else. What does it all mean? I think it means that the Democrats are going to take their own sweet time. They are going to drop back ten and punt right now. I think they realize that there isn’t an electable Democrat that has announced so far that is capable of beating Trump in 2020, and that they are going to be saddled with him for another term. At least, that’s what they will surmise unless they can come up with an impeachable offense. And it won’t be before the 2020 either…it’ll be after.

There are so many similarities between Donald Trump of 2019, and Richard Nixon of 1972 it’s not funny. Remember…the Watergate break-in occurred before the 1972 election. People were well aware of the fact there was something fishy going on there, but it didn’t stop Nixon from slaughtering George McGovern, who was the Democrats’ sacrificial lamb back then. He had no chance in hell of defeating Nixon at the polls. Just like there really isn’t a Democrat candidate out there either announced or waiting in the wings that could beat Trump today. But that’s kind of what the Democrats are counting on.

It’s my contention that the Dem’s are wanting Trump to be re-elected, so that they can start up all of the investigations in earnest and start impeachment in 2021. Like Nixon, that means, he’ll be a lame duck, and even if he kills whomever the Democrats put up in the election, they’re banking on the fact they’ll be able to convince enough Americans that Trump was indeed guilty of something…anything that would qualify as an “impeachable offense”. Not only that, but don’t forget that the Democrats will be defending a lot less seats in 2020 than they did in 2016 when the Republicans expanded their lead in the Senate. They’ll be banking that they can put enough leftist butts in the seats of the Senate and get enough GOP members to flip to convict Trump, where they don’t have that privilege today.

That’s a pretty tall order…and it’s a pretty dangerous one if they want to go the impeachment route. They really need to make sure that they have something on Trump that is foolproof…something that will stand up to major scrutiny and not just Maxine Waters screaming she wants to “impeach 45”. Frankly, I see where it could actually do more harm than good if the Dem’s can’t pull it off. It could just give Mike Pence the opening salvo at being President after Trump if he plays his cards right.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


5 thoughts on “What The Dems’ “New” Investigations Into Trump Mean

  1. I’m going to be optimistic here and disagree. I think the new AG, William Barr, is going is going to expose all the lies that the Dem’s, FBI, and CIA committed in their attempt at a presidential coup.
    I’m optimistic that we will begin seeing investigations into those groups, along with the crimes committed by Hillary.
    Barr must reestablish the peoples trust in those organizations or else we are no more than another banana republic.
    I’ve got my fingers crossed!

    For GOD and Country

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      1. Me either, but you’ve gotta believe there is still a few honest people out there.

        Based on winning the Revolutionary war, the framing of our great Constitution, and the election of Donald Trump, it’s a little hard not to believe in Divine Intervention!

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