I’m Here Today To Announce…

I have always been enthralled with politics. From a young age when I first worked on Congressman Ron Esch’s campaign back in a small Michigan town through today, I have loved the idea of political campaigns. What I haven’t loved, in fact, I’ve loathed is the actual running for office. It’s boring, it’s tiring, and usually, unless you win, the outcome is failure.

And while I have been involved in a grand total of three election situations in my life, once when I was talked into running for precinct ward leader back in Ohio (I lost by 2 votes), once when I ran for the Board of Directors here in the desert (I finished second out of five candidates, and the top three got the seats), and the last time was this past December when I ran for re-election to the Board, and won the election by finishing first out of eight candidates. Now, don’t get me wrong…the victories were sweet. The first win out here I was actually surprised that I won a seat. This time, everybody told me I was a shoo-in, and I didn’t believe them. So much for my prognostication skills!

But today, I’m here for yet another race. It’s a more important race than any I’ve run before. It’s a race that holds the actual lifeblood of our country in the balance. It could actually be the most important election in our lives. Hell, it could just be the most important election in the life of our country. And I’m faced with a difficult decision.

Do I give up all I’ve achieved so far out here in the desert? Do I dare risk giving up a job I love on the Board of Directors, and a second job I equally love as a marketing coordinator to try for this third job, that I most assuredly won’t like. And then I have to ask myself why would I be doing this in the first place if it was something I didn’t like? Is it because I’m drawn to power, to the finer trappings of life, and a shot at flying on Air Force One? Would it be to live in Washington, DC and smell the cherry blossoms in the spring and step over the homeless every winter?

I”ve thought long and hard about this one. I’ve watched as people as well known as former Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, and current New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg…people who have ego’s much larger than mine, and who’s pockets are immeasurably deeper than mine have decided not to throw their hat into the ring. Some would call my decision to be vain and foolish. Some would say that it smacks of ego-centrism. And still others would yawn on their way to work and not pay it any matter what-so-ever.

And so…today…standing in front of the world (or at least the thousands of you that read this blog every morning), I come before you to announce.

I have decided NOT to run for President of the United States in 2020.

And yes…that was just as much of an anti-climax as watching Hillary and Michael give their speech…I give you that!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


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