What Are Dem’s Afraid Of?

Let’s compare two political parties. On one hand the Republicans take their candidates in a presidential primary to a few debates. They usually rotate around the various networks, or at the very least, have various network news anchors moderate the debate. That means people from ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, FOX News, and PBS all get in on the action.

On the other hand, as we learned last week, you have the Democrats. Instead of rotating through a bunch of television anchors like what the Republicans do, the Democrats have decided that Fox News is far too conservative for them, and they are going to ban Fox News from moderating any of their debates. My question is very simple.

What are the Democrats afraid of?

Look, if there are questions that people don’t want to be asked, you shouldn’t be running for president. Or at the very least, you should have decent answers for those questions. I mean, every single presidential campaign, large and small, has some sort of communications experts in there that polish up the answers to all sorts of questions. That’s why these candidates all “prepare” for debates. So if the Republicans are willing to allow the news anchors from the very liberal, very mean-spirited, very fake news media such as the three main broadcast networks, CNN, and PBS, all of whom have been guilty of producing not only negative stories, but made up stories on the Trump administration…why wouldn’t the Democrats at least face up to someone like a Chris Wallace? I mean, I don’t think he is anywhere near as well versed as his father was (in case you didn’t know…Chris’ father was Mike Wallace of “60 Minutes” fame). He does ask tough questions of both sides, and he does play if down the middle.

What the Dems’ are telling me is that they want softball questions. And the only problem with that is, the voting public doesn’t learn a damn thing about the candidates. They probably get the questions in advance, so they can bone up with them and come up with great answers. I mean, Donna Brazile even admitted to giving Hillary Clinton the questions when she worked at CNN as an “expert” commentator. I’m sure it happens all the time on the left.

The Democrats are really scared this time. They know if they screw up in the primaries, and end up saying something stupid, like most politicians do in debates, they will be handing a made-for-TV campaign commercial to the Republicans should they be lucky enough to win the nomination. And of course, you’ll have Donald Trump on the trail mercilessly jumping all over the person for their gaffe. I mean, can you imagine what Trump would do on the issue of plagiarism with Smilin’ Joe Biden? Instant death!

Democrats were trying to give Hillary every boost in the world in 2016. The media was in bed with her like never before, and it still didn’t matter in the end. This time will be even worse because the mainstream media has been throwing negativity out Donald Trump’s way for over two years. And where’s it gotten him? At worse, a 46% approval rating…which is higher than both Bobo Obama and Bill Clinton at this point in their presidencies.

It’s too bad the Democrats can’t play on a level playing field. It would be fun to see them take on the Republicans even up, rather than always trying to tilt the field to their advantage. But I guess when you don’t have intelligence on your side, it’s easy to cheat, right?

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


2 thoughts on “What Are Dem’s Afraid Of?

    1. Actually, I don’t think they are afraid of being exposed. They SHOULD be afraid of that, but I think they’re too stupid! Everyone thinks liberals are smart…I think they are some of the dumbest people I’ve ever met! They can’t hold a conversation without screaming how bad the right is.


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