House Wants Mueller Report To Be Made Public

It’s a very interesting gamble if you come to think about it. The Democrat-controlled House of Representatives has passed 420-0, with four Republicans voting “Present”, a resolution that calls for the Mueller Report on Russian Collusion to be made public.

It’s interesting because the Democrats are basically putting all of their eggs in one basket. And that basket is basically going to be filled with sharp knives, spilling all sorts of eggy goo all over the place if the Mueller Report comes out stating that Donald Trump or his campaign did not collude with the Russians.

It’s a hell of a political gamble. I’m sure it’s one that Nancy Pelosi has lost some sleep over because it could either spell doom for Trump in 2020, or solidify his chances to win re-election, and re-take the House to boot.

Look, anytime the party out of power (meaning not in the White House) has the House of Representatives, they pass all sorts of bills that they feel should be passed. But when the Senate is controlled by the same party that the President is, their chances of getting anything through Congress, much less signed by the President is virtually nil. This is what the GOP saw before they re-took the Senate. You can pass everything all day long in the House and it goes virtually nowhere.

So, let’s examine what will happen in this particular instance.

What is most likely to happen is that Mueller will come out and say that while he didn’t find any conclusion of “collusion” with the Russians by the Trump campaign, there was indeed influence peddled by people like Paul Manafort, or even Michael Cohen at the very least, on their own behalf before they actually got involved in the Trump campaign. And with Cohen, he basically will be cited as having paid off people that Trump could have sexually molested or abused somewhere in his past.

What probably won’t happen is the smoking gun that Adam Schiff or Nancy Pelosi are hoping they find. There won’t be any overwhelming evidence that leads to Trump’s impeachment, as Maxine Waters would want. Instead, just as every other investigation into this over the past two years or so, it’ll show that nothing was untoward by the campaign. What it also won’t show, is that Hillary Clinton’s campaign did collude with the Russians in getting Christopher Steele to write the bogus Trump Dossier and paying him for it. Whether or not that will lead to charges against the former Secretary of State is anybody’s guess.

And again, with these investigations, they usually don’t end up going down the same road as they started. Remember back to Ken Starr’s investigation of what should have been the Whitewater Scandal in the Clinton administration. It ended up in an impeachment trial against Bill Clinton because of a stained blue dress…nothing at all to do with Whitewater. And it did nothing to tarnish the reputation of a man the entire country knew then, and still knows today as being a womanizer and a sexual predator.

So, letting the public see the report Muller produces, while a good thing for transparency, may be the worst thing the left actually wants to do. But they have to do it. For them to not call for the report to be made public is to basically throw everything they’ve ever said against Donald Trump right out the window and into the trash heap!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


7 thoughts on “House Wants Mueller Report To Be Made Public

  1. They’ve got something up their sleeve!?!?

    I say, release it all, including the all the testimonies, 302’s, and FISA requests.

    Hmmmmmm? Just think’n. I bet they know that Trump wil, in fact,l release all that information so they need a document that they can keep referring too to keep the attention off themselves?

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      1. Some have said that Mueller hasn’t been in his office for weeks. Just think’n…but, the only way Mueller has left to save his own skin is to throw everybody else under the bus. Maybe he’s writing his own report? I know, wishful thinking!

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      2. Just wondering what would happen if his report was like, three pages long, and he identified everyone they talked to…all of the “investigation” they did, and then said, “Well, we didn’t find anything!” Would the Dem’s still want this released to the public?


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