The Media “BOOM” Is Over…

It was called the “Trump Media Boom” because all of these leftist media types thought that it would be the savior of their newspapers and magazines. They’d keep bashing Donald Trump, because, I mean, who wouldn’t like to bash him, right? Except something strange happened…he called them out on the fake news, almost from day one. He’s proven that they are wrong and he was right, and all of a sudden, major newspapers all across the country are laying off tons of people. Smaller newspapers are closing their doors. And the only “boom” going on in newspaper news desks is the sound of the paper itself imploding.

Over the last 30 years, newspapers have failed to have one year that had more readership than the last year. Over the last 13 years, advertisers, who were drawn to newsprint like moths to a flame, have decided that enough was enough, and they’ve left for the internet. Do you realize that there has been just one successful daily newspaper start up since the end of World War II? It’s USA Today. Hundreds of newspapers, employing thousands of journalists have cashed it in. The latest is New York Magazine. They just canned 32 staffers, half of them full time. That represents 5% of their staff. And around American some 1,400 communities have lost at least one newspaper in the past 15 years. Newspaper and magazines have become dinosaurs. They suck up trees and ink, and provide little that can’t be replicated here on the pages of the internet.

And that’s the way of the world. All of these thousands of journalists who thought they were going to get at least four years of added employment bashing Donald Trump are now looking for work. And that’s not the saddest part.

I’ll fill you in on a little secret. Your favorite disk-jockey, your favorite local radio talk show host, your favorite television news team? They’re all next in line to be shown the door.

That’s because, just like newspaper and magazines, they’re dinosaurs. When you can listen to literally any radio station in the country on the internet (my wife and I listened to a basketball game last night from the station I used to broadcast on back in Ohio), and you can basically watch any television show that is out there just by streaming it (without subscribing to cable TV, or satellite TV), you know the times they are a changin’.

And so it goes. The internet will become the heart and soul of the “new American media”. And it will stay that way at least until something comes along to replace the internet…and don’t worry…it will. It always happens. The life-death-rebirth-final death circle of life is there as much for media as it is for The Lion King. And for those leftist journalists who are pouring out of places like Syracuse, and Northwestern, and Missouri and their vaunted “J Schools”, kids…you may as well have majored in philosophy. You’ve got as much chance finding a job when you get out!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


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