Are You REALLY Buying This “Socialist” Stuff?

Tell me you’re not buying into the Socialism crap that’s being spewed by people like Elizabeth Warren, or Bernie Sanders, or even little ol’ Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez! Tell me that you don’t think they’re wearing army fatigues, and berets, and growing “Fidel-like” beards.

Tell me you understand that Bernie Sanders owns three houses, including a $600,000 vacation house. Tell me you know his salary is $14,500 PER MONTH. That means he makes more in the winter than the average family of four makes all year. Tell me that you understand AOC lives in a very high rent district…and it has electricity and she uses AC. Tell me that you understand Elizabeth Warren travels in style when she goes back to see the minions in Massachusetts. You know all of that stuff, right?

And the really funny thing is, these guys are spewing socialist crap like they believe it. Well, they sorta, kinda do. I mean, they want YOU to believe in it, so they can do more in the way of wealth redistribution, and get you suckling more at the teet of the Federal Government. That’s the way you become addicted to government programs. That’s the way you become a slave to their way of thinking. That’s the way they get you thinking they’re on your side, and against “big money”. The truth is…they ARE big money.

I mean lets look at the facts, shall we? In 2016, Bernie Sanders made over $1 million. How did you do that year? Most of that money came from the sale of his book. Actually, it came from an advance on his book. His book didn’t sell nearly that many copies. His net worth is over $2 million. How’s yours?

Let’s take a look at Elizabeth Warren. She got divorced in 1978, and according to federal election documents, she has a net worth of between $4 and $11 million. So, how does that make you feel, Mr. Little Guy with a net worth of $40,000? Actually, it makes her probably one of the Native Americans with the largest net worth in America today.

And what about AOC? Well, if you figure she went to DC (with an annual salary there of $174,000) with about $15,000 in the bank, and about $15,000 in student loans, and no property or investments to speak of, she’s basically, at 29 years old, broke. But, they’ve done an “average compilation” of what she’d make in DC if she keeps getting relected. She’ll have over $1 million in net worth by the time she’s 38. That’s just a scant 9 years from now. How about you?

So, preaching socialism is actually apparently a get-rich-quick scheme. Not that I ever bad mouth anyone for making as much money as they can. I just think it’s a little disingenuous for someone to bad mouth others for making millions all the while they are doing it.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


4 thoughts on “Are You REALLY Buying This “Socialist” Stuff?

  1. The old “give them bread and circuses” admonition to stay in power. Now add to supreme court, no electoral college, vote at 16, allowing non citizen voters and they accuse Trump as being a threat to the Constitution ? Astonishing.

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