Mueller’s Report Out…No Big Surprises!

According to sources in the Department of Justice, Robert Mueller has released his report to the Department of Justice in accordance to special prosecutor rules. The report went to Assistant Attorney General, Rod Rosenstein, who then carried it to Attorney General, William Barr’s office. Senior sources at DOJ have said that according to Mueller, he is not recommending any further indictments against any more individuals.

Now, you can take that, as the White House is taking it, to mean that Donald Trump isn’t going to be caught up in any web regarding Russian Collusion. It also should bring to a close a two year investigation that when through the FBI, the DOJ, and both the House and Senate regarding activities of the Republican’s campaign for the presidency in 2016. From day one, though there have been rumors circulating that there was a smoking gun somewhere that would implicate the Trump campaign of colluding with the Russians to defeat Hillary Clinton, apparently, as I’ve said on these pages all along, no such animal exists.

Now, it’s up to AG Barr to determine what, if any of the report can be released to Congress and/or the public. And of course, Democrats, sensing that there is at least some meat on the bone have come together to demand the report’s release to the public to insure total transparency.

I’m pretty sure if Donald Trump and his team are half as smart as a tree stump, they probably also would like to see the report issued to the public. Because if there are no further indictments coming from DOJ, at least according to Mueller’s recommendations, then it would be foolish not to release the whole enchilada. And of course, Democrats could end up being on the short end of the stick if the report says after two years and tens of millions of dollars of taxpayer money could have gone down the drain while they cried wolf.

Now, there were some folks caught up in this mess. 26 Russians and three Russian owned companies were charged with interfering in the election. Ah, but getting the Russians extradited to the United States wasn’t possible, and to date, those folks that were charged are still alive and well in Mother Russia!

None of the people associated with the Trump campaign were caught colluding with Russia. Roger Stone, Michael Flynn, Rick Gates, Paul Manafort, and Michael Cohen have all been implicated in some crimes, mostly of lying to the FBI or providing false testimony. None of the charge had anything to do with the actual campaign as Democrats wrongly charged.

Alex van der Zwaan, a London-based attorney, was charged with making false statements, and a guy by the name of Richard Panedo from California was charged with identity fraud last year. Other than that, it’s been a bust of an investigation.

Barr has told both Senators Lindsay Graham and Diane Feinstein, the two ranking members on the Senate Judiciary Committee that they’d probably be hearing about the report from Barr sometime over the weekend. To date, Congress has not seen the report, and neither has the White House.

So we can pretty well close the chapter on this mess….well, at least unless and until Barr decides to release it to the public. Then, as was the case with Ken Starr back in the Clinton era, there’ll be this massive rush to the internet to download the report… and a massive sigh of frustration when people realize there isn’t anything there.

And that’s the way I said it would end up all along!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed…and so is Robert Mueller.


11 thoughts on “Mueller’s Report Out…No Big Surprises!

  1. Well Cactus, I don’t know if there is such a thing as yellow journalism on a blog but you have just done. The headline essentially states you have read a report that is not public. That said, because there are no further indictments that does not mean that there are basis for new indictments, trials, etc.

    Since you were probably only about 15 or so during Watergate, the Cox-Jaworski report on Tricky Dick was what Leon said “a roadmap for impeachment.” Now I don’t want tRump impeached as that would bring in the uber Christian Pence and good old Christian Sharia law. No, I was tRump publicly exposed for the third rate grifter con man he is. Then let the various State and Federal courts prosecute him until he dies.

    As for no collusion with the Russkies, you have Roger Stone, Paul Manafort, Greasy Slimbag and fornicator Don, Jr. Evidently the quinnies don’t fall far from tree.

    The Feds in the Southern District of New York are just getting warmed up. There is also the Dems in Congress who will be subpoena duces tecumseh out the back for documents which he will have to turn over. Sorry dude there is no Executive Privilege on documents involved with crimes.
    Have fun storming the castle.

    P.S. Stephen Moore for the Fed Board!!!!?!!! This guy is an idiot who by the way wants to devalue our money and wipe out our savings. It is called the return to the gold standard.


    1. Your post shows you have extremely limited knowledge about what has been going on over the past three years. My suggestion is that before you make a fool of yourself again, you do some homework and learn FACTS, not your socialistic conjecture.


  2. Now it’s time for the REAL investigation to start. The one that will expose the corruption in the FBI, & DOJ, not to mention Hillary and the DNC. No doubt in my mind that there was a coup to overturn an election that will make its way right back up to the White House and the Obama cronies.
    We know that Obama was emailing Hillary on her illegal server so even he lied when he said he only learned about her server from the news!

    For GOD and Country

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      1. Too bad Snarky doesn’t watch anything other than CNN or MSNBC. Maybe he would learn that the pencil neck keek Adam Schiff was talking to a fake Russian that told Schiff he had naked photos of Trump. Seems like he was fishing for opposition research, the same accusation he made about Donald Trump Jr. Or how about the 10 hours Schiff and his staff spent prepping Cohan before his testimony? Or how about the written exoneration of Hillary before she was ever questioned? Or adding “intent” as a necessary requirement to charge her with a crime? Or Comey passing classified information? Boy-oh-boy! Seems to me that Snarky needs to check the FACTs before he drinks the Kool-Aid!…Just say’n!

        For GOD and Country

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      2. It’s like in 1972 when I wanted the Detroit Tigers to go back to the World Series so very badly. I didn’t want to believe they didn’t get to go. Couldn’t let it go for the longest time. That’s snarky…he can’t let it go that everything he’s said over the past two years has been wrong. I get the psychology behind it. He needs to, as they said on Wayne’s World…”Live in the now, man!”


  3. Well Cactus, WTF are you talking about? I stated facts, it’s not the moronic drivel from the Fox Children of the Damned, Tom and Earl with their deep state nonsense.
    No, Manafort was giving privileged polling to the Russkies, Gates who was a significant part of the inauguration with more Russkie funny business, Greaseball Junior who with Jared, Manafort and others met with Russkies during the campaign. There is still Jared meeting with a Russian sanctioned bank, a felony by the way. Airhead Ivanka and her trips to Kazakhstan and meeting with Russkies. Roger Stone is going to get his butt nailed to the wall by the Feds. Cohen is not out of the woods yet. We still have the emoluments clause case winding through the courts that tRump has unsuccessfully tried to stop.
    The show is only beginning. Enjoy.


    1. What you fail to get through that liberal head is that NO ONE was convicted because of “Russian Collusion” or can’t you read??? There are NO MORE indictments coming! NO ONE was found to have “obstructed justice”. The people that were caught and brought to trial did so because of stuff they did prior to hooking up with Trump, or because they lied to investigators or the FBI. That’s it. Show’s over. Country is moving on. I would advise you do the same because the nonsense is over. And thank you by the way for wasting $33 million of taxpayer money!


    2. Hey Snarky, how come you’re suddenly in love with the emolument clause? Why weren’t you concerned with it when Hillary was appointed Secretary of State? When Hillary was a Senator, she voted to raise the salary of the Secretary of State. Legally, she wasn’t allowed to serve until her term as Senator expired. Now I know you’re gonna say, “Yeah, but they reduced the salary back to where it was before the increase”. That may be true but what about the emoluments that the Clinton Foundation received because of her position, and the vast increase in speaking fees for Billy?
      You talk like a lawyer but apparently you don’t practice “statutory interpretation”. The Constitution didn’t offer any work-around remedy for the emolument clause.

      Bottoms-up Kool-Aid!

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