The Pelosi Conundrum

Nancy Pelosi has a very tough job ahead of her for the next year and a half. She has a tightrope walk coming up that is going to be critical in deciding whether or not she keeps her job as Speaker of the House of Representatives, or whether she retires in disgrace after winning back control of the House in 2018, only to lose it two years later.

Think it can’t happen?

Let’s take a look at some interesting figures. The Democrats in the House of Representatives currently hold 235 seats. Now, that would include a total of 32 seats that Democrats wrested away from Republicans in districts that Donald Trump won in 2016. If, in 2020, Democrats try to become too liberal, and just 18 of those 32 seats go back to Republican hands, the Democrats go to 217 seats and lose the majority in Congress.

Let’s take a look at another set of numbers. 54% of Democrats polled say that they feel their party is becoming too liberal and it should become more moderate. 41% say that they feel their party isn’t liberal enough and should push harder to the left. What does that mean? It means that the same thing that happened a decade ago to the Republican party when the Tea Party movement unfolded is happening again to the Democrats. And if you take either one of those groups out of their “big tent”, the whole enchilada collapses in a big heap…just like what happened to the Republicans!

Here’s the gist. All of the attention these days is focused on people like Ocasio-Cortez, and Omar, and Tlib, who join very liberal members like Maxine Waters and Al Green, and Adam Schiff. These folks can play a major part in the downfall of the majority. If most of the Democrats out there want to go back more toward the center, and Nancy Pelosi allows the newer members, and some of the more liberal older folks to push the party more to the left, it could mean disaster in 2020 for the Democrats. Today, they aren’t talking to each other. They’re yelling at each other. And it bodes just as nasty as when the Tea Party decided to run primary contestants against incumbents some 10-12 years ago.

Overall, yes, the Democrats are getting a lot of attention right now. Unfortunately, it’s not the type of attention that bodes well with them. It’s the kind of attention that has the ability to rip the party apart. And it takes a long time to heal that rift. Just ask the GOP!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


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