Is The Media Swoon Over?

I do write an awful lot about media on this blog, and for a very good reason. Since 1974, it’s been my bread and butter. I’ve lived it, I’ve seen it, I’ve been friends with a lot of the people that I talk about here, and I know it. And lately, it’s been an abject embarrassment. That’s because lately the media has done nothing but try and make up stories against Donald Trump.

Never before has a United States President faced 96% negative news coverage, even for a year, much less the first two and a half years of their term. And while most of it was aimed at Trump for his “Russian collusion”, which has proven to be nothing more than another made up leftist story, as the Mueller Report concluded, the interesting thing is what is happening now, less than a week after the Mueller Report hit.

In the cable news race, which had been rather close for a long while, and on rare occasions MSNBC and CNN, depending on what they were doing on a given evening would nudge out Fox News from first place. My how it changes when you take away the left’s top story over the past two years! Let’s take Wednesday night of this week for example…and it’s just an example. On that evening, Fox beat a combined viewership of both CNN and MSNBC. And while Fox had Donald Trump as a guest on Hannity, CNN was busy on their own accord…hosting a town hall for New Jersey Senator and presidential candidate, Cory Booker. MSNBC had it’s regular programming.

That evening Fox had 3,685,000 viewers including 653,000 in the esteemed 25-54 demographic. That compared with CNN’s 904,000 viewers total and 234,000 that were 25-54 viewers. Meanwhile, MSNBC had 2,141,000 viewers total and 333,000 in the 25-54 year old bracket.

Now, I’ll be the first to admit that one night doesn’t a story make. And when you figure that Hannity had Donald Trump on, it was easy to see why. But yet the overriding story here is the fact that without their “go-to” narrative of Trump bashing over Russian collusion, both MSNBC and CNN couldn’t even together come up with Fox’s viewership! And the same goes for the 25-54 year old (the knock on Fox News is that all of their viewers are over 60…not the case!).

It could just signal the end of competitiveness for cable news. Where CNN dominated early in the 1990’s thanks mostly to the first Gulf War, they’ve faded from the scene ever since they’ve decided to become the left’s mouthpiece as the “Clinton News Network”. And without Rachel Maddow sitting in at MSNBC, they’d have absolutely nothing to go on either.

In the end, the American people will once again decide. The interesting thing is, they probably, by all indications, aren’t going to be looking very hard at the left’s cable news networks!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

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