Remember The Obama Administration?

I want you to think back to when the economy wasn’t doing well. Think back to when it was a much more complicated time. Go back in time to when Barack Obama was president. Remember that period in our history? Yeah, apparently he doesn’t either.

Bobo recently said that during his administration, they didn’t have any scandals. Obviously he forgot about Fast & Furious. He forgot about Pay To Play. He forgot about the email server scandal that was in place when Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State. Somehow, he missed the AP telephone bugging scandal, and the James Rosen from Fox News Scandal. And of course the IRS scandal with Lois Lerner, and the Justice Department scandal with Eric Holder being found in contempt of Congress. I guess he missed it on the TV news about James Comey’s tenure as FBI Director, and Loretta Lynch meeting with Bill Clinton on the tarmac in Phoenix (discussing, what was it…grandkids?)

Well, apparently, he missed another one. Except this time, the Department of Justice didn’t miss it. Former White House Counsel to the President, Gregory Craig was charged with lying and concealing information from the Department of Justice. All of that happened during the Russian collusion investigation…and apparently oops! Craig was messed up in all of that.

What this shows isn’t just that Bobo Obama didn’t understand what was going on under his nose (he didn’t). It also shows that it seems both party’s presidents have problems. I’m not saying that the Trump administration is squeaky clean. In fact, I’ll go so far as to say there hasn’t been a squeaky clean administration at all in our government’s history. I’m sure I could go back throughout our history and find some dirt of whatever president I was looking at.

But for any president, Bobo included, to be so addle minded that they don’t think there was any scandal during their term in office means they either were high during that time, they weren’t paying attention, or they were sleeping through their tenure. It’s that simple. I can honestly say that Obama wasn’t what I would call a “clean president”. He wasn’t the worst president we’ve had in history in terms of scandal…that would probably belong to either James Buchanan or maybe Andrew Jackson. Of course, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention Richard Nixon or Bill Clinton, but they already knew they belonged on that list!

Look, I’m not naive enough to believe that if you’re someone that gets to the highest elective office in the land, you probably don’t have more than a few skeletons in your closet. And I’m not dumb enough to believe that every single president we’ve ever had hasn’t been at the very least a little shady; some more than others. But for someone like Obama to be mentioning that within a week of having his former White House Counsel (that means lawyer to you and me) get nailed for lying and concealing information, it’s problematic. And it’s downright untruthful.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


2 thoughts on “Remember The Obama Administration?

  1. Two points…he not only said that his administration had no scandals, he said that it was his administration that started this economic recovery!?!? Now that would have been true if Trump had continued with Obama’s economic policies and had made no changes, but Trump turned that plan upside down by cutting taxes and eliminating the restrictive federal regulations.

    Next, I’m a little disappointed that you didn’t mention the biggest scandal of them all where 4 Americans died…Benghazi! Oh wait… it was just a video!

    For GOD and Country

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    1. Tom, to be honest, there were so many scandals during Bobo’s administration (I think the number reached into the 30’s) the comment he made was such a joke. Sorry to have disappointed. You were right. That was probably the biggest scandal of all…unless you wanted to count giving Iranians the nukes.


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