The Tax Return Scam

You know you are seriously running for the highest elected office in the land when you turn in your income tax return for all to see. Now, understand, there is no law, no directive, nothing that forces a candidate for the White House to publish their income tax returns. Donald Trump has chosen not to. A recent poll disagrees with him, with about 56% saying they wish he’d release his tax return. 42% say they hope he doesn’t… and about 2% don’t care.

Well, the Democrats care. They have quite a few candidates that have either released ten years of tax returns or have promised to do so in the next few weeks. And what’s interesting about that is that they men and women of the average Joe, aren’t so average after all.

Bernie Sanders, who leads the pack among declared candidates told an interviewer earlier this week that yes…he is a millionaire. Now, that doesn’t make him a bad person. That doesn’t make it illegal for him to run. That doesn’t even necessarily damage his credibility when it comes to wanting socialism for all. It is rather interesting that Sanders makes 50 times what the “average Joe” makes.

Elizabeth Warren, who is also running for President, released her 2018 taxes the other day. She and her hubby, who is a professor at Harvard (but NOT a Native American), make just under $900,000. Most of the money came from Harvard, with almost half a million in his salary. Elizabeth made over $300,000 from her work as an author. She also made around $170,000 as a United States Senator.

So, what does all of this mean? Well, it means that average Joe doesn’t have a shot when it comes to running for president. Sorry kids, but unless you have the bucks behind you, not every kid can become president some day. That ship has sailed.

Here’s the problem I have with all of this. Millionaires are becoming more and more common in this country, but still, the average income is $56,516. That’s 5.5% of what folks making a million dollars a year make. So, how in the world can someone making a million bucks a year relate to someone making $56,516? The answer is, they can’t. We are electing presidents from both parties that cannot relate to you unless you are in the millionaires’ club. Is that important?

I think it’s probably less important to the Republicans than it is to the Democrats. Republicans strive to earn as much as they can. Democrats want to make sure that they are viewed on the side of the little guy. All the while, they are living the lifestyle of the rich and famous. There is a little disconnect there, and the people that back these millionaires, while thinking they really give two hoots about the little guy are very disingenuous.

Look, in the end, the highest elected official in this country SHOULD be a millionaire. They SHOULD make a ton of money. They’ve got the toughest job in the world. But then again, don’t tell us that you know what we are going through trying to make ends meet. You have no idea!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


2 thoughts on “The Tax Return Scam

  1. So very true! The only thing you missed was that presidents need to understand big money because that’s what they need to deal with!


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