What’s Good For The Goose…

I’m a little confused this morning, and you’re going to have to excuse me. I was browsing the headlines yesterday and all of a sudden, this Hillary Clinton picture popped up. Now, I’m one that believes her time in the spotlight on this planet has long since vanished and she should go find the bottom of a bottle of Chardonnay somewhere. But then I read the damn quote and I couldn’t believe what I was reading.

“Wikileaks founder, Julian Assange (who was recently kicked out of the Ecuadorean Embassy) needs to answer for what he has done.”

And my response was a giant, “HUH?”

Wait just a doggone minute here. Are you telling me that yes, you believe that the guy that released 30,000 of YOUR emails that you tried to scrub from a server, but he had stashed away somewhere, showing YOUR involvement in a lot of shady dealings while Secretary of State needs to come clean in a court of law, but YOU can skate?

Where the hell is justice in that?

First of all, I do agree that Julian Assange, while somebody that I would say did a heroic thing in releasing a bunch of documents that several administrations were trying to hide all under the cover of “national security”, should indeed be tried for his actions. He did, after all steal those documents, or obtain them illegally. But let’s not stop there, shall we? If, as Hillary wants, we are to go after Assange for his misdeeds, shouldn’t we also go after Hillary for HER misdeeds? Shouldn’t we at the very least look into her doing business on an unsecured basement server in her house while sending classified emails all over the place?

I will agree with Clinton that we need to have Assange answer for his actions, just like we need to have Hillary answer for her actions. And I’m not talking about some 11 hour pity party on Capitol Hill, where the people doing the questioning failed the bar exam so they decided to go into politics. No, I’m talking about a rectal exam that lasts the next two years, interviews hundreds of people that will bring out damning information, and indicting dozens of people who also broke the law. I mean, we did that with Donald Trump, and found out exactly what THIS blog told you two years ago…there was nothing there! No one in four investigations of Trump found any solid evidence of Russian Collusion or obstruction of justice (which is a very nice catch-all phrase). Now, let’s see if Hillary can pass the same rectal exam. My hunch is she and Bill would be the first former White House couple to be wearing orange jump suits in history!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


7 thoughts on “What’s Good For The Goose…

  1. Well Cactus, I have two points to raise.
    The first is that I believe that Hillary was referring to all the leaks done by Assange. I realize that you like to discredit, expose and generally demonize Democrats which is your thing. I believe you have taken a statement and interpreted for your own ends. Which brings me to the second point, when blogging about Democrats, the photo of Hillary, OAC, Nancy Pelosi, etc. are always unflattering. Why is that, are you trying to turn your blog into the National Enquirer? Can I look forward to finding out you paid management to cover up Fredo’s no no last year?
    Just asking.

    Free at last to say whatever I want on any subject and no one can stop me!
    Truth does in darkness.


    1. First of all, if you actually READ my blog, you’ll notice that I have not “interpreted” statements as you claim. I knew what Hillary was saying. And I knew WHY she was saying it. You seemed to miss that point. Second, I don’t discredit and demonize Democrats (though I’ll admit to exposing them). They do that themselves. I just talk about it. Finally, the pictures match the topic. And yes, before you throw another falsehood into the mix, I’ve used smarmy pictures of Trump before, so you can get off that bandwagon. Hope that helps. I’d suggest that you actually do more than look at pictures and read headlines the next time you want to reply. READING the entire blog may help. I know that’s probably not how you were educated, but I don’t do coloring books.

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  2. Make that does in darkness.
    Had my right scraped last Monday and vision is like looking through a seriously dirty fish bowl.
    Don’t recommend the procedure unless you like pain and blurry vision.


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