Now HERE’S An Idea…

I’ve heard an awful lot of ideas in my day. A few have been home runs. Several have been for extra base hits. And yes, quite a few are decent enough to score a base hit. But the overwhelming majority of ideas out there are bad ideas. And I’ve always said that everyone has a good idea every once in a while, but not all ideas are good ideas.

And it’s with that in mind that we crash headlong into the latest scatterbrained idea from Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

She wants the IRS to do your taxes for you.

Let this sink in for a minute.

Keep sinking…

Letting the IRS do your taxes for you would be akin to you telling your boss how much he is willing to pay you. I mean, after the escapade with Lois Lerner, after all of the negative press the IRS has had over the years, after all of the crap dealing with that particular agency, would YOU trust them to do your taxes?

Let me put this another way.

Several years ago, I called the IRS’ tax line to get a question answered for my taxes. I didn’t make much money at the time, and did the taxes myself. They were pretty simple then. My wife and I both worked, we had a few deductions, but it wasn’t anything really crazy…just enough to qualify us to use the 1040 long form. So, I called the IRS. The information the lady on the other end of the phone gave me (after a one hour wait on hold) just sounded weird. So I called a buddy who was a CPA. He laughed. He said, “Don’t EVER call the IRS tax line for help. First of all, they don’t know the tax code. Second, they give out wrong information over half the time. And lastly, you are responsible for them giving you the wrong information if you take their advice and it’s wrong.”

So, I want to trust the IRS with filling out my taxes? Sorry. I don’t trust the IRS to open the envelope with my quarterly payment in it. Why on earth would I trust them with information? That makes about as much sense as asking a barber if you need a haircut.

What we’re seeing here is another AOC crazy moment. She’s really starting to fill up a book with this crap. I mean, there is weirdo idea followed by weirdo idea. None of it makes sense to begin with, much less fiscal sense. Are you telling me that doing away with air travel in our country is a good thing? Are you saying that every single building needs to be taken down and rebuilt using state of the art, energy savings materials is cost effective or efficient? Are you saying that those kids that signed up for college loans so they can better themselves when they graduate should be able to just walk away from the loans? Are you saying that all college should be absolutely free? Who in hell is going to be paying those professors those half-million salaries (like Elizabeth Warren’s husband gets)?

No, I think the time to muzzle the Representative from The Bronx has passed. We need to put her in timeout for the next 20 months or so, and not let her run for re-election. I guess from what I’ve heard, there’s already a primary brewing in her district, she’s that unpopular there…and she’s only been in office three and a half months!

Look, this socialism crap that’s being spewed by the likes of AOC, and Bernie Sanders, and Elizabeth Warren, and Ilhan Omar is really entertaining, but you can’t believe that a majority of Americans are actually falling for this crap, right? I mean, tell me that I haven’t lost my friggin’ mind and that this is the way of the future?

Let’s just hope this is a crazy fad that we’re passing through…like tie-dyed t-shirts and pink hair. If not, we’re all in trouble!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


2 thoughts on “Now HERE’S An Idea…

  1. I’d say, that based on the crap our Progressive teachers are brainwashing our kids with, this ain’t no fad! I expect that it will continue and only get more radical and crazy until we change our system of education.

    For GOD and Country

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