The Comey Problem

Oh, there are several problems facing Democrats these days. The whole Russian Collusion, Mueller Report thing that the Democrats can’t let go of because they hung so much face on it. They’ve got the problem with their party being splintered by the uber-leftists like Bernie Sanders and AOC and the like. And then they’ve got the Comey problem. They really don’t see it as much of a problem…yet. But trust me…it’s there. And it’s going to be presenting itself as a major iron bar in their cog.

James Comey, for the uninitiated, or those with the short memory span, was the FBI Director. He’s the guy that came out in July of 2016 and basically said that Hillary Clinton did a ton of stuff wrong. Most of it was illegal, all of it was questionable, but none of it would be prosecutable. At least that was his story.

Then a few days before the 2016 presidential election, Comey came out and said, “Whoops! There seems to be another issue here with Hillary. Anthony Weiner, who was married to Huma Abedin, who was Hillary’s go-to-gal for years, had something rather suspicious on his laptop. Oh, it had some of the pornographic messages that ended up screwing up not only his marriage but his career. But it also contained stuff on there from Hillary from her server that she thought she had destroyed! Whoops!” And that meant that Comey and the FBI would have to comb through thousands of those emails to see if Hillary actually did send anything that was classified through an unsecured server (we now know she sent thousands of pieces of classified documents through unsecured sources…which by the way, is against the law).

That part, is one of the reasons Hillary says she lost the election. Well, Comey is at again. He’s out holding town hall meetings, screaming about how bad a person Donald Trump is, and how the Constitution is being shredded with Trump in the White House. In actuality, none of that is true. Comey is the guy that leaked his memos so he could make sure that he’d get a Special Counsel appointed to investigate the Russian Collusion angle. Remember the professor friend of his in New England? And, Comey is the guy that took a phoney document that was written by Christoper Steele about Donald Trump (and paid for by the Hillary Clinton campaign), and got FISA warrants based on that information, knowing all the time that the Trump Dossier as it’s being called, was false information.

Now, Comey tells anyone that will listen that everything was done properly at the FBI, and he certainly did nothing wrong. Well, let’s examine that a little further. We just concluded two years and $30 million in investigation fees because a duly-elected president said the same thing. The Special Counsel in that case found that Trump did nothing wrong, and what he said was proven to be accurate. So, let’s take a look and see if Jim Comey can stand up to the same scrutiny, shall we? And while we’re at it, let’s throw in another $30 million and two years and see if Hillary can stand up to the same scrutiny.

My hunch is both would fail. My hunch is both will be wearing orange jump suits if that were the case. My hunch is, it would absolutely destroy the Democrat party, just as the whole Watergate thing destroyed the Republican party. In fact, had the Democrats had someone that was somewhat competent as president instead of Jimmy Carter, who really can’t point to any accomplishment during his time in office, the Republicans probably never would have been able to elect Ronald Reagan in 1980. It would have been decades had they not elected a total lame-brain in Carter. And the same will most assuredly befall today’s Democrats IF the Republicans can follow up with another strong leader, as they have in Donald Trump.

And that is the worst case scenario for Dem’s. If Trump wins election…and the economy keeps on zooming, and Trump passes half of what he has already done this term in his next term, shoot…you or I could probably get elected president to follow him! As it is, Jim Comey is about to become fodder for a really bad part of Democrat party history. And I say…let the Comey’s and Clinton’s of the world fall where they may!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


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