What Are They Afraid Of?

California’s Democrat controlled Senate has just passed a bill requiring all presidential candidates to either make public the last five years of income taxes, or they won’t be allowed on the ballot in their state.

My question is, what are California Democrats afraid of?

Are they afraid that Donald Trump somehow is going to win that state? Are they afraid that somehow Trump is going to be elected to a second term? And what’s with the move that would be viewed as unconstitutional, and most assuredly would never make it past the Supreme Court?

See, this is the most frustrating thing about Democrats. Oh, they tell you how they want to work for you, the little guy…until they feel threatened. Then they change the rules so they get elected. If they can’t be assured of a victory, somehow, they’ve got to tilt the playing field in their favor. In this particular instance, my question remains… you live in a state that is solidly Democrat. You’ve got more Dem’s living in your state than any other state in the union. For cryin’ out loud…you voted for Hillary Clinton…the worst candidate ever to run for the presidency! Are you telling me that the move is designed to stop Californians from voting for Donald Trump? I mean, talk about disenfranchisement!

If it’s not wanting to see Trump’s taxes, it’s wanting illegal aliens who aren’t even citizens of this country to vote. If it’s not that, it’s wanting the felons in prison to vote. Next thing you see is they’ll want the aborted fetuses to be able to vote. They’ve already decided that 16 year olds should get the vote. Why? Because they know that kids happen to be more liberal, and therefore more likely to vote Democrat. It’s really fascinating to watch. If you stand back and let their idiocy just rain upon you, you’re amazed at the lengths these people try to go through in order to win an election.

In the short of it, they must not be very confident that the 24 people they have running in their primary (soon to be 25), will actually be able to win anything. I mean, if you felt you had a slam dunk, why bother with cheating? And yet…they bother. And yet, they keep trying to tilt things their way.

Look, we’re going to have Republicans and we’re going to have Democrats in the White House. That’s a fact of life. And the odds are greater than not if you look at history, that Donald Trump will end up winning re-election. If you go back in history and look at the number of incumbent presidents that lost re-election, it’s rather surprising. You’ve got George HW Bush (Read my lips…), I can’t really count Gerald Ford since he never was elected. You’ve got Jimmy Carter, who made such a mess of the country in four years, he lost to Ronald Reagan. You’ve got Lyndon Johnson, who again, was only elected once and could have run for a second term after having taken over after Kennedy was killed, but chose not to run. And you’ve got Kennedy, who was killed in office. Then you have to go back to 1932 when Herbert Hoover lost to FDR because of the Great Depression!

So, the odds of the Democrats having to put up with another four years of Donald Trump are actually quite large. And I’ve actually included three people in that list that shouldn’t be there; Ford, Johnson, and Kennedy.

And yet they try. And yes…they’re very trying. If only they’d play by the rules, they may actually win more often!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

10 thoughts on “What Are They Afraid Of?

  1. I’ll tell ya what they’re afraid of…conservatism and common sense instead of the radical idea’s of the Dem’s. And with every new Democratic candidate for president drifting further to the left, it’s just a matter of time before they drive their own base away.

    Even the free things they offer seem to backfire, just look at Obamacare. Did it really make sense that in order to insure the uninsured, you first need to un-insure those who were insured? Then you require them to become re-insured, but now they’re required to pay extra charges so that those who were the original uninsured can get their insurance for free? That worked about as well as prohibition did to stop booze! Bathtub Gin anyone?

    Look even the Liberal Left understands that there’s a tipping point when it comes to common sense and they know they’re teetering. I think they’ve proven that they know they can’t win elections honestly and they always need to put their thumb on the scale. They’re against voter I.D., they try to hold back the absentee ballots from our military, they allow illegal aliens to vote in local elections, they’re against the Electoral College and now they’re attempting to change the Constitution’s eligibility requirements to run for president.

    The Liberal Left is certainly a force to reckon with but they always seem to be on the wrong side of the argument…take our guns, open borders, kill the babies, tear down our statues and monuments, eliminate prayer.

    I wish they would just leave the country like the draft dodgers did in the ‘60’s.

    For GOD and Country

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    1. Frankly, I’d be all for that! As far as the Electoral College going away, it would require states to pass it (because it would be a Constitutional amendment). That means that smaller states would have to agree not to have any say in who gets elected presdient. I don’t know many that would go along with that unless they’re already Democrat states to begin with!


  2. Well Cactus, it is apparent that you and your posse are unaware that States control the laws regarding elections. This explains the ridiculous voter ID laws that solve a problem that doesn’t exist. If candidates believe the statute is illegal, then litigate the matter.

    BTW, I didn’t make up the unwashed masses thing that has evidently harmed you and your snowflake friends. You obviously don’t know your history.

    Deus vult illud
    Monstra mihi pecuniam


    1. Huh? Once again, you’re so far out in left field that you leave everyone scratching their heads wondering what it is you’re talking about. I think I do know my history…another example of facts gone awry on your side!


  3. Well Cactus, I knew when you went on your rant it was for the purpose of continuing to attack me but never really addressing the facts. Essentially you are just like prez IQ45, you can continue to lie with absolutely no ramifications with your minions agreeing with you while making stuff up. This blog is not for the free exchange of ideas, rather it is Faux News with punctuation.
    Consequently, you must agree with my facts.

    Sic Semper Tyrannis


    1. Well, if you actually GAVE any facts, I could at least have the choice of agreeing with you…but your rants are disjointed, lacking in substance, and show total ignorance of the topic we are dealing with. Sounds to me like you’re just another typical Democrat!


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