Why The Cries For Impeachment?

In a private meeting, behind closed doors with her Democrat Caucus, Speaker Nancy Pelosi said this past week that her goal is to see Donald Trump in jail. Was she kidding? Does she know what has to happen in order for THAT to happen? Of course she does.

I saw a poll recently…actually I wouldn’t call it a poll, it was more like one of those “man on the street interviews”, where the people interviewed don’t have a clue about the subject they’re being asked about. This one was about impeachment.

Almost 100% of the people “surveyed” in this said they thought Donald Trump should be impeached. When asked what would happen and why, there were some very interesting answers…let’s look at them.

Most people believed that when you’re impeached, you’re thrown out of office. That’s about as far from the truth as you can get. You’re not thrown out of office. An impeachment is basically an indictment. You have to be tried on that…but most of these folks felt that if Trump were somehow impeached, he’d be tossed right out the front door of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue….hair flopping in the breeze and all.

Another thing that a lot of people thought, that I thought was hilarious was that IF Donald Trump were impeached, and thrown out of office, that Hillary Clinton would take over the presidency. I have no idea how they reached that conclusion, but apparently, they never had to take a Government or Civics class in high school in order to graduate.

So, for the record, let’s go through this, just to make sure we’re all on the same page. An impeachment is simply a House vote (simple majority) that would say that the President (or some other creature in government) was indicted for what is termed as “high crimes and misdemeanors”. If a President is impeached, he goes to trial in the US Senate, and the House selects members that act as the prosecutors. The Senators are the jury, and running the whole show as the judge would be Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts.

If the Senate were to vote (2/3 vote required) that the President was guilty of the charges, he would be removed from office. This is the hidden fact that apparently most people on the street don’t realize. There is no way unless there is an incredibly shameful act that has been committed, will he be convicted, since it would basically require not only the Democrats, but a good share of Republicans to go along with the vote.

Now, even if that were to happen, Hillary Clinton wouldn’t figure into this at all. She’s a private citizen. The next President of the United States would be Vice President, Mike Pence. He would serve out the rest of Trump’s term until the next election. He could choose to run for office himself, or he could just fade into the ether. We had one instance in our country where a President wasn’t impeached or convicted, but would have been, so he resigned…that was Richard Nixon. Since his Vice President, Spiro Agnew had resigned earlier. Michigan Representative, Gerald Ford was selected to be Agnew’s replacement as Vice President, and he ended up replacing Nixon at the top of the heap. He lost in his election bid to Jimmy Carter…and was the only President in US history to have served as President without actually receiving one vote to be either President or Vice President.

So…that’s what happens…regardless what Maxine Waters and Adam Schiff scream about, there is a whole process in place. So why are they screaming? They need to energize their base to get out and vote in 2020. They’d love nothing better than to take over the Senate, and win the White House! But they can’t do it if they’re going to have someone as poorly prepared to run for office as Hillary Clinton was. And by the looks of things from the Dems’ about a year and a half out, there’s really not much to choose from. They’re going to need all the help they can get!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


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