Latest Iowa Polls

Well, the race is certainly on. And with over 25 candidates running for the Democrats’ nomination, it’s going to be a race of attrition. This past week, showing their “pride”, the Leftist Snowflakes flocked to Iowa to attend the state’s various “gay pride” parades and events. Of course, it became more of a circus than these things usually are. But we’re not here to talk about gay pride…we’re here to talk about the latest polls.

The latest poll taken for the Des Moines Register and CNN shows that yes…Joe Biden is still in the lead, though that’s not really the headline. Biden’s almost insurmountable 35% in the polls dwindled to 24% as Snowflake media didn’t want the left to become too enthralled with him this early. Realizing that Biden was probably going to be the eventual nominee, the Snowflakes on TV and in print decided they needed to boost some of the more liberal candidates, and that’s what they did.

The real headlines, and if you read the Des Moines Register or watch CNN, I’m sure you heard it, were that while Biden is slipping in the polls to 24%, there is a real race for second place! Bernie Sanders has 16% of Iowans supporting him…Elizabeth Warren has 15%, and SURPRISE!, South Bend, Indiana mayor Pete Buttigieg is up to 14% in the state.

By the way, Kamala Harris had 7% to take fifth place. The rest of the field have blips in the poll. And six percent are undecided. That was the number that shocked me! You’ve got about as many people as live in Ames, Iowa running and only 6% are undecided??? Wow! I found that to be amazing!

Of course, what is interesting, though not critical because it’s only one state is that Biden’s numbers have fallen among Dems. His approval numbers were once at 82% have fallen 10%, and his support among Iowa caucus goers dropped by 1/3. That’s a hefty drop and shows, what really we saw on the GOP side in 2016…it’s way too early to see who is going to win this horserace.

One thing is for sure…there may be 27 or so candidates actually running, but there aren’t anywhere near that many that actually have a chance. Maybe four, maybe five have a chance. Beyond that, the rest are taking a nice Iowa vacation!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


4 thoughts on “Latest Iowa Polls

  1. I never or rarely ever watch Democrat debates, but I’m looking forward to watching this time. First of all, I want to see who actually makes it to the stage, and secondly, I want to see how far to the Left they can Left one another!

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    1. I think you’d better let your hair grow REALLY long, get that tie-dyed t-shirt out of storage, and visit the local dispensary prior to the debate. This ain’t gonna be your father’s Democrat debate!


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