Is Old Age Hurting Survival?

Back when Obamacare came out, there was this dreaded fear among people over 50 that they were going to be forgotten in their waning years and that they were for lack of a better word, going to be kicked to the curb and left to die. Oh, Obama himself said that they’d be given “a pill to ease the pain”, but they would be denied surgery that they needed by that health panel, aptly nicknamed the “death squad”. Remember that?

Now, the G-20 has concluded that age is weighing heavily as a “global risk”. What that means is basically what Obamacare was saying…as healthcare costs continue to soar, the folks that spend the most on healthcare, senior citizens, are the ones that are going to have to suffer.

Senior citizens will spend roughly $280,000 out of pocket on their co-pays, doctor’s visits and medicine from the time they are 65 to the time they are 85. And that’s just the part that insurance doesn’t cover. Roughly 80% of a person’s lifetime healthcare costs will be spent in a person’s final five to ten years of life. That’s huge…and for liberal places like Europe, that believes in “free” healthcare (we know there is no such thing, right?), that means that they have to at some point cut the costs. And it’s best to cut from the biggest users, the elderly.

The problem these liberal countries are seeing is exactly what I’ve been railing about for years on this blog…liberalism doesn’t work because it always runs out of money. And that’s what’s happening here. As costs rise, these countries are spending more and more of the money they could be using to help the poor, build a military, do space exploration, fund their kids’ college education, you name it…and they have to spend it on senior citizens’ healthcare.

And it’s about to stop. Or at the very least, be curtailed. That’s because people are living longer and wealthier countries that can most afford to take on the rise in healthcare are finding that their birthrates are falling. Countries with younger population bases, like Saudi Arabia, are finding that the next generation is a lot less likely to support spending money on their parents and grandparents healthcare than they are on support their extravagant lifestyle. And there’s the rub.

Japan, the Middle East, Europe, China, and some South American countries are all starting to clamor that they need to do something to curb spending on seniors’ healthcare. All thanks to the idiot Obama’s mis-guided statement that if grandma is sick and needs heart surgery, we should just “give her a pill” to make her feel better…when what she really needs is heart surgery.

Thanks, Obama!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


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