Is The Impeachment Train Really That Far Off The Rails?

I had to laugh when I saw who Jerry Nadler (D-NY) was going to call as his first witness in the House Judiciary hearings into the Robert Mueller Report. It harkens back to the day of price controls, fifty-cent a gallon gasoline, and the Oakland A’s winning their next to the last World Series they’ve ever won. It was 1974. And back then, Richard Nixon became the first president in United States history to resign the office.

Make no mistake, had Nixon not resigned, he would have faced impeachment in the House of Representatives, and almost certain conviction in the US Senate for the Watergate cover up. And one of the guys that helped bring about his downfall was White House Counsel, John Dean. So, why bring up all of this ancient history now?

Well, Jerry Nadler has decided to bring John Dean in as his first witness. You may be asking yourself what a guy that approved hush money for a two-bit burglary some 47 years ago has to do with Donald Trump and the Mueller Report?

The answer is absolutely nothing.

So, why bring Dean in to testify? What’s he testifying to? What can John Dean possibly bring to the picture of the Mueller Report? I mean, what questions can honestly be asked of this guy that has the slightest thing to do with the current situation? Hell, half of America wasn’t even born with Dean plead guilty in 1973. What in the world is going through Jerry Nadler’s mind that he’s going to use some 80 year old convicted criminal, with no ties to Washington DC or Donald Trump since the early 1970’s?

Well, that just goes to show you how far off the rails these guys are when it comes to trying to find something…ANYTHING that they can tie Trump to some sort of collusion with Russia, or obstruction of justice…or…or….maybe he approved the payment of hush money, like Dean did? Whatever it is, this move by Jerry Nadler shows the absolute desperation of the Democrats who are so keyed up to impeach Donald Trump on any charge up to and including parking fines, that they are willing to bring an 80 year old who hasn’t been heard from in almost half a century to DC. And what, pray tell, is John Dean going to be able to tell them? That he’s sorry for his role in Watergate? That he really didn’t mean to approve the hush money? That he’s learned his lesson, and served his time, and became an investment banker, and a celebrated author with several books?

No…John Dean showing up to testify at the House Judiciary Committee is a kin to a cornerman in boxing throwing in the towel. There’s nothing there. And so, we have to do something…so we may as well bring back someone that most of America has never heard from…and ask him leading questions to see if he can say anything that we can use against Trump.

Which just proves beyond any shadow of doubt, there are no charges, there is nothing to impeach Trump on…and Democrats, once again, are more interesting in playing Columbo and doing investigations than they are about doing their jobs.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

4 thoughts on “Is The Impeachment Train Really That Far Off The Rails?

  1. Nadler wants Dean to tell them that Trump is worse than Nixon. That the comparisons are there and that is enough to impeach and convict Trump. You know, Nancy wants to see him in prison. They need someone to tell them he belongs there. Bring in Dean, the expert witness. No evidence required. Dean is nothing more than a cheap lying shop lifter from the past.

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    1. Yeah…and of course there isn’t a Republican alive that isn’t worse than Nixon was. Everything any member of the GOP has breakfast, it’s a worse scandal than Watergate in Dean’s eyes…wait a minute…isn’t Dean a CONVICTED CRIMINAL? Oh…I see…that doesn’t have any impact on his testimony!!!


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