Making Biden Biden Again

Think back when Joe Biden first ran for President back in 1988. At that time he was accused of plagiarism and basically he did lift parts of a speech during an Iowa stop from British politician Neal Kinnock. But it didn’t stop there.

This year, Biden lifted from the Blue Green Alliance his position on the Green Deal. His statements mirrored policy statements from both the BGA, and the Carbon Capture Coalition. Biden’s explanation was that it was an over-enthusiastic staff member that wrote that part of the speech and used the language lifted from the two groups. Still, he basically admitted to plagiarism.

And now, on the stump, Biden makes the comment that “It’s time to make America, America again!” The crowd loved it. The only problem is, that was the campaign slogan of one former presidential candidate by the name of Michael Arvanarti. Yeah…the same Michael Arvanarti that represented a stripper by the name of Stormy Daniels in a poorly divised lawsuit against Donald Trump.

So, the question I ask at this point is, how can you trust a guy like Biden, who apparently has a problem with ethics and morals. Can you trust a guy that seems to play fast and loose with his speeches? Can you trust him to make the right decisions? Do you trust him with his finger on the bomb? Do you trust someone who can’t even write their own speech without lifting it from other politicians? Hell, he can’t even come up with a campaign slogan? He has to steal it from a criminal lawyer who’s going to jail? Really?

Now add to that all of the sexual misgivings this guy has had. The kissing of the hair, the rubbing of the shoulders, the hugs, the kisses on the cheek, the unwanted and unwarranted sexual advances that were made including to people that are of his same political persuasion! Those Democrats have come out against Biden saying he’s also a #MeToo abuser. And all Smilin’ Joe can do is shake his head and try and explain away the abuses.

I won’t end this blog without stating that our current president has also had problems in that area as well. He hasn’t stolen speeches from others…hell I doubt he’s even written a speech…he ad libs 90% of the time. But Trump certainly has had his dalliances. So did Clinton, so did Kennedy, so did many other presidents. It’s nothing new…and it shouldn’t disqualify either Biden, or Trump from serving. But it is interesting that Biden isn’t anywhere near the ideal candidate that he’d like you to believe he is. And with the Democrat debates coming up, you can bet the voices against Biden, currently sitting in the catbird seat, will only get louder.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

2 thoughts on “Making Biden Biden Again

  1. And truth be known, “Make America, America again” was first stated by actor Scott Baio at the Republican National Convention. Avenatti stole it from him before Biden stole it from Avenatti!

    For GOD and Country

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