Immigration Raid!?

This past Sunday, ICE officials were going to scoop up several illegal aliens that had missed their deportation hearing dates, and tried very hard to “blend in” to America. The Trump administration had ordered the raids to deport those who had first broken the law when they snuck into this country, and second, broke it again by missing their court date. Of course, the left went crazy over this. Why should they?

They shouldn’t.

Donald Trump called off the raids on Saturday, which he shouldn’t have. Trump isn’t the first president to hold such raids. In fact, Trump isn’t even close to the number of deportations of these illegals that his predecessor had. Let’s take a look at the numbers, shall we?

From 2009, when Bobo Obama took office, through 2011, he deported an average of 385,000 people per year. His high water mark was 409,849 in 2012 (during his re-election bid). However, with nothing to lose, numbers fell to under 250,000 in 2015 and 2016.

Let’s look at Trump. In 2017, Trump’s first year in office, his deportations fell to 226,119. That was lower than ANY year in the Obama administration. In 2018, it ticked up to just over 250,000, and then hit the high water mark during this fiscal year of 282,242. So, in comparison, Trump has deported far LESS illegal aliens than Barack Obama did in his first term in office.

On Friday of this past week, Speaker Nancy Pelosi called Donald Trump to tell him he needed to call off the raids on Sunday (which by the way not only included when the raids would be held, but also told which cities they’d be held in!). Pelosi, if she were smart, knowing her dislike for getting illegals deported, should have called Trump to congratulate him that he’s knocked those numbers down so far below Obama’s (which she never had a problem with). Trump must have listened because he called off the raids for two weeks, and then lambasted the Democrats for “not having a plan for the border”.

So, why did Pelosi complain? Why does any Democrat complain these days? They don’t like the fact Donald Trump beat “their candidate”, Hillary Clinton, who didn’t want to have to campaign for the presidency in 2016…she just wanted the White House handed to her. It’s not about immigration with these people. It’s about the fact that a neophyte politician, and a REPUBLICAN neophyte politician could beat their “best and brightest” in winning the White House.

That is what this is all about, folks. It has nothing to do with porous borders with Mexico. Every single president going back to Jimmy Carter has been fighting this, and they have fought it. Every single president going back to Jimmy Carter has tried to stem the tide of illegals entering our country, and have failed. The reason they are so upset with Trump doing what every other president going back to Jimmy Carter has done isn’t because they are against illegals being sent home. It’s because it’s Donald Trump doing it, and going to get the credit for it. That is the ugly truth in this debate. And Democrats all over this country should hang their heads in shame that their party isn’t working to solve this problem, they are working as hard as they can to exacerbate it! THEY should be the ones deported.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

2 thoughts on “Immigration Raid!?

  1. Maybe we should sic the Attorney General on Congress to pursue treason on each member refusing to do their jobs to make the laws and protect our national borders from foreign enemies (or invaders). Or better yet, maybe it is time to call up or civilian army and have another revolution. We could haul out General and Patriot Christopher Gadsden’s rattlesnake flag…”Don’t Tread On Me!” Drastic times take drastic measures, but we should act soon, to save the Republic from certain death.

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