Can Dem’s Beat Trump In 2020?

The short answer is yes.

The long answer is it’s very doubtful because what they would have to do in order to gain that victory. Judging where the Democrats are right now ideology wise, and in their hearts, I don’ think they are anywhere near where they have to be in order to be able to defeat Trump. But here’s what I think they’d have to do.

There isn’t one person out there that is pure evil. Okay…maybe Hitler. Maybe Pol Pot. Maybe there have been a few. But most people, certainly most people running for the Democrats’ nod aren’t pure evil. I really think they believe (even though they are wrong) that they have the answer to America’s ills, and they want to see what’s best for America. Still, that would mean they have to do stuff to get back on track with most of this country’s voters.

First things first, they have to realize Donald Trump isn’t the Devil in disguise. He has done some good things. In fact, he’s done more good than bad. And they may not like the fact he’s a neophyte politician who won the Super Bowl the first time he stepped on the field, but he did. They need to accept that fact and start treating him like a human being.

Second thing they need to do is realize that America isn’t ready for this socialist movement. When over 60% of the population says they are turned off by this, there isn’t any way to win a presidential election preaching socialism. Currently, I think there are only two, maybe three of the 27 people running that are what most people would call “moderates”. The rest represent the far left wing of the party. That never bodes will.

Next up, the people that backed Trump over Hillary Clinton need to be apologized to. Yup, the “deplorables” have never forgotten that comment. and while Hillary is gone to the stockpile of Chardonnay to guzzle what’s left of her dreams, the party needs to realize the damage that did. You can’t win an election when you’re calling half the country crazy, deplorable, neo-nazi, and the like, just because you don’t like their philosophy. That has to stop. And you need to apologize about it.

Well, we’ve gotten some of the incidentals out of the way, on to the issues.

Climate change. Frankly about half of the country isn’t sure that climate change is just a natural phenomena that has been occurring since the rock we lived on cooled. No one, not a scientist, not a reader of this blog, not anyone has been able to tell me how in the world we’ve had ice ages, and gotten out of them without SUV’s and jet planes causing them. No one on the left admits that Mother Gaia has a mind of her own and is very cyclical about these things. Democrats need to tone down the rhetoric on climate change. You can’t prove necessarily that it’s caused by mankind. And you can’t prove that mankind can solve the problem.

Abortion. More and more people are getting on the pro-life bandwagon. And all the word play calling it “anti-abortion” isn’t helping. What has swayed a lot of minds are the bills passed in places like New York State, where they can now perform an abortion basically as the child is being born. Democrats, you need to realize what the GOP did long ago…it’s not necessarily a black or white issue, and it has nothing to do with “a woman’s right to choose”. It has to do with the God-given life that is in her womb, and putting an end to it is viewed as murder. Time to moderate your position here!

Let’s forget about “Medicare For All”. Obamacare was a farce. It was designed to fail from the beginning and Democrats know it. They wanted it to fail so they could get to single-payer healthcare. The problem is two fold. They’ve butchered healthcare for veterans, and because of that, our heroes are dying while they are being mal-treated. And second, the wait times for seeing a doctor for anything would be outrageous. There’s no fixing Obamacare, though it did introduce two good things; no pre-existing conditions, and no lifetime medical cap on the amount of coverage you could get.

Impeachment. I think most of the candidates have tempered their call for impeachment for now. But they need to realize that unless and until they get 2/3 of the Senate, it ain’t going to happen. And if they keep screaming about it, they could lose the House again as well.

Oh, and one more thing Dems…lose the attitude. It’s really annoying. You aren’t impressing anyone with your self righteousness. In fact, it’s really a turn off. If you think you are the smartest people in the room, look at the people following you. They barely made it out of a failing public school system.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

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