Major Democrat Shift!

CNN came out with the first presidential poll on the Dems’ side of things following the first two Democrat debates, and it showed something majorily interesting. Most people out of the top eight canddates lost ground. In fact, only two of the eight actually gained.

Oh, Joe Biden is still leading the pack…barely. Everyone realizes he had a miserable debate appearance. Well, it cost him 10 points in the polls. He now leads, but doesn’t lead a second place Bernie Sanders. He now leads Kamala Harris who attacked Biden relentlessly and was almost unanimously declared the winner of the first two debates. Biden has 22% of the vote, Harris has 17% with a margin of error in the poll of 3%, which means Biden’s huge 20 point lead is down to maybe 2%?

In third place is the other person viewed has having done a passable job the other night. Elizabeth Warren has 15%. Bernie Sanders is 4th with 14%. Then comes Pete Buttigieg with 4%. The rest of the field trails. Cory Booker, Beto O’Rourke, and Amy Klobuchar would be the only other persons that could qualify for the next Democrat debate at this point based on this poll. They have more than the required 2%. That would mean such notables as Julian Castro, who had a decent debate the first go around would be shut out. So would Kirsten Gillibrand, John Hickenlooper, Jay Inslee, and the rest of the field. There wouldn’t be any Governor qualified to debate. That would be a surprise since most of the time Governor’s have experience in executive leadership and that usually gives them a leg up over people like Senators.

What does this shift tell us? Pretty much what I said a couple of days ago. It’s going to be a dog fight on the left to determine a candidate. If Biden can’t pull it together, he’ll fade from existence, and that would basically mean that the Democrats are going to be nominating a socialist leaning candidate. That would basically spell doom to them in the general election.

And what the hell has happened to Bernie Sanders? I thought he basically slept through the debate, but to watch him plummet to fourth place? What an incredible loss for him. I think after this second debate, you’re going to see if the field shifts like this again, the strain will start to appear on the bottom-feeders and people that are lesser known, people like Michael Bloomberg, and Wayne Messam, Steve Bullock, and Marrianne Williamson (yes…those are real people), are going to be dropping out without a platform to speak at.

And so, the circle-firing squad has started. It’ll be interested to see how it ends up, but for now, I’m just buttering up the popcorn for the fight.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

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