You Spent HOW MUCH?

Last week, Donald Trump did something he has wanted to do for years. He held a huge 4th of July celebration parade in Washington. No, he didn’t get to have rows and rows of tanks and missile launchers rolling down Pennsylvania Avenue while he stood on a reviewing stand, like what you see in Moscow or Pyongyang. But he was able to roll a few tanks onto the Mall, and smiled as he gave his historic 4th of July speech. And what did the left scream about all week? The fact that the parade cost the taxpayers $2 million!


Yeah, you heard right. In a city where a million dollars is like finding a penny on the sidewalk…no one wants to bend over to pick it up, snowflake liberals decided it was not the “patriotic” thing to do for Trump to spend that type of money on a celebration of America’s freedom. Of course, they have no problem with the fact that Obama doubled the federal debt in the short span of eight years. They also didn’t have a problem getting on board with Ocasio-Cortez’ “New Green Deal” which cost more money than there is in the world.

And, they didn’t have a problem with Bernie Sanders’ “Free Education For All Plan” which costs in the hundreds of billions of dollars. They didn’t have a problem with Elizabeth Warren’s plan to erase all of the college debt at a cost of $1.6 TRILLION. And they don’t have a problem with Andrew Yang’s proposal which would give every American a $1,000 a month for life. They also don’t seem to have a problem giving all Americans “Medicare for all”, including people that don’t even belong here!

So, why are they all upset and in Trump’s face because he spent $2 million on a parade that celebrated our freedom? Because it celebrated our freedom. Because it was Donald Trump that did it. Because they loathe the military, and they don’t like the fact that the military was so highly regarded during the celebration! Well, I have some news for them. Our country was founded around military. Not the million men marching down the streets of Moscow. Ours was the farmer, and the blacksmith who grabbed a musket and fought without pay. But it was still the military. And they beat one of the strongest armies in the world at the time. THAT is why you celebrate the military on the 4th of July. But then again, anything that celebrates the military, the left is against.

Maybe they’d rather be under England’s rule yet today?

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

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