What Are They Afraid Of?

The Supreme Court said that Donald Trump couldn’t ask the question of whether or not the folks answering the 2020 Census were actual citizens of the United States. Liberal left celebrated the ruling, even though the entire reason the high court didn’t go along with Trump, was they felt the explanation the Trump administration gave them was “disingenuous”.

My question, is, what are these guys afraid of? Asking whether or not someone is a citizen of the country taking the survey seems almost second nature. Why wouldn’t you want to ask that question? Remember…these census numbers are used to determine congressional districting, and the number of electoral votes that each state gets. When you start counting people that aren’t qualified to vote because they aren’t citizens, you are skewing the numbers greatly. And places like California, which is actually losing legitimate Americans due to high taxes and increasingly terrible living conditions (see the Streets of San Francisco for an explanation of what I mean by that!), can then re-energize their population with people that at this point in time can’t vote. And by the way, they shouldn’t be able to vote.

That is the only reason that the liberal snowflake could care. Well, that and if you lie on the Census form, you violate federal law. Of course, the illegal aliens have already violated federal law by invading our country and living here illegally. I can understand why the illegals would hesitate answering that question….they don’t trust the government not to come and hunt them down. After all, every member of the household is named and so the government would know whom to get, right?

See, the liberal left was way out of line (so was John Roberts) in this Supreme Court decision. There are so many more reasons to ask the questions than reasons not to ask the question. Do you want to know how many illegals we have in this country? Do you want to know who’s taking your money for illegal healthcare that are provided to them, or governmental services that they are getting that they aren’t entitled to get? Do you really want a bunch of illegals to determine the various congressional districts, electoral votes, and could actually sway the make up of our government just by being here and being counted as a “legitimate” person?

If you’re not going to have that question on the Census form, you need to put on a full court press and eliminate the millions of people that are here but shouldn’t be. Keep the illegals trying to get into the country on the Mexican side of the border. If you really are against asking the question, then it’s time to go door to door ala Anne Frank. Time to search for the law-breakers and give them the justice they deserve.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

3 thoughts on “What Are They Afraid Of?

  1. They don’t want the question asked because what they are afraid of is that the public will learn the truth about the real numbers of illegals in this country (estimated between 11 & 22 Million). By asking; we will find out the number is much higher.

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