Since When Did Sports Mix With Politics?

So, the US Women’s Soccer team wins the World Cup again…and immediately their butch star, Megan Rapinoe drops the “F bomb” aimed at Donald Trump. OK, I get it that Rapinoe may not have voted for Trump, and doesn’t want to meet with the guy, but there is something called common courtesy. She exhibited none of that. She said she’d be happy to go a visit with Nancy Pelosi, or Ocasio-Cortez, or someone “who believes like we do”.

Since when does having to agree with someone politically become a prerequisite to visiting the White House?

Actually, it started I think with Obama. Weren’t there Super Bowl players that avoided the White House with him? It was stupid. Look, if I did something that got me invited to meet with the most powerful leader in the world, and see the White House from the inside, I don’t care what political party the guy was from. I’d most certainly go. And for someone like Megan Rapinoe to disrespect the office shows she may have a World Cup under her belt, but in life, she’s a loser. You don’t have to respect the man in the office, but to disrespect the office is not right. And she’s not respecting the office.

So, if I were Donald Trump, I’d invite part of the team to the White House. I wouldn’t invite Rapinoe, or any of the other women on that team that stood beside her. Frankly, I don’t care what any sports star thinks in the world of politics. What do they know about that? They’re jocks. It’s like caring what actors in Hollywood think about politics. It’s fine if they have an opinion, and they are certainly entitled to theirs. But in my mind, I really don’t care about their views. I make my own, and I don’t care what they think. They’re free to feel however they want. They don’t have to share it with me.

I choose to share my viewpoints on this blog. I don’t do it for the few thousand people that read it every day. I do it for myself. I started doing this as a release back when Obamacare was being debated. I didn’t care then, nor do I care now if I fit with what everyone thinks. And if people don’t care what my views are, they’re free to not read the blog. It’s not going to ruin my day either way.

To be honest, I think Donald Trump would be smart to stop inviting ALL athletes to the White House. It’s a practice who’s time has come and gone. Why open yourself up to the crap that some snotty nosed little brat like Megan Rapinoe likes to scream about? Sports stars are sports stars. They lost their “hero” status in my mind years ago. Too many of them are on performance enhancing drugs, or get caught with illicit drugs, or beat their spouses, or a million other things that frankly I don’t consider “hero-like”. They lost the role model status a long time ago. They’re body-freaks…and that’s not taking away that they’re good at what they do. They certainly can’t do what I used to do for a living, and frankly, nobody cares what they think about the economy, or the quality of US made cars and trucks, or the latest new TV show.

No, Megan Rapinoe is a spoiled child. If she doesn’t want to go to the White House, don’t invite her. At some point in her life, she’ll need to grow up. Hopefully it happens sooner rather than later.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

2 thoughts on “Since When Did Sports Mix With Politics?

  1. I would suspect that politics entered into sports for the first time when Jessie Owens kicked-butt in Berlin at the 1936 Summer Olympics. More recently, and defiantly, it was back in 1968 when African Americans Tommie Smith and John Carlos raise their Black-Power, black-gloved fists during the playing of the Star Spangled Banner!

    At least back then, it seemed liked there was substance to real issues of concerned, but now it’s purely “Think the same way as me or else”!

    It’s sad to say but I was kinda hoping the U.S. would lose the World Cup! If they can’t honor and respect the country that they are representing, then they don’t deserve the publicity, ticker-tape parade, and certainly not a trophy! They need to be shunned. They are disgraceful and lack the gratitude for the bounties that this country has offered them.

    For GOD and Country

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