Socialism: It’s Already Failed

Most of the Democrat candidates for president have described themselves as “Socialist Democrats”. They are falling in line with Bernie Sanders’ ideology that was popularized in his 2016 presidential run. There are four freshmen Congresswomen, known as the WhackJob 4 that are avowed socialists. And when asked about it, Millennials think that socialism is great. In fact, 40% of them embrace some sort of socialism (most of it dealing with either free college tuition or getting rid of their student debts).

Alas, what these idiot snowflakes don’t seem to understand is that socialism has already been tried countless times…and it’s never succeeded. The most recent collapse is in Venezuela, where two decades under Hugo Chavez, the country was the wealthiest country on the South American continent. Today, it’s one of the poorest. It’s people can’t find food to eat, housing is short, and even gasoline, which had been almost free under government subsidies has skyrocketed in price to about 38 cents per gallon. Actually, if you have a US dollar, you can buy 925,000 gallons of gas. The problem is getting it back to the US! A single “bolivar” (their monetary unit) will get you a liter of 91 octane gasoline (US regular is 87 octane). A single egg by comparison costs 200,000 bolivars.

Here in this country, we tried a form of socialism earlier this century. The whole sub-prime mortgage fiasco that caused the 2008 banking collapse was a socialist move that Congress foisted on the banking industry. Wanting to give every American, regardless of their ability to pay a loan back, the right to buy a house, Congress passed a bill requiring banks to issue sub-prime mortgages to people that had no means to repay the loans. When those loans started going into default, the banks had no recourse other than to foreclose on their loans. That meant that banks (which make money by the spread between what they loan money for and what they pay you in interest for keeping your money there), all of a sudden because large owners in real estate. And they couldn’t unload the properties fast enough to avoid a crisis. It took trillions of dollars and eight years of Democrat ineptitude to try and get out of it.

And yet, Millennials and liberals don’t think twice about wanting to get something for nothing…not realizing that anytime the government gives you anything, there is a price tag that has to be paid for up the road. This can be blamed on a terrible education system that has systematically dumbed down American school children. In the end, following Saul Alinsky’s “Rules For Radicals”, the liberal snowflakes have learned that to keep Americans uneducated, unable to travel, and unsophisticated, they are more likely to be able to implement socialist policies. By that time, it’ll be too late.

So, socialism has already been tried in this country, and countless other countries around the world. It’s never succeeded because it always runs into the same problem. It never finds enough money to succeed. The governments are always too generous in handing out money to win the hearts and minds of the citizens. And, at some point, the balance tips and the bill becomes due. Then you have protests and riots in the streets as the proletariat protest and look to overthrow the government. IF the Bernie Sanders’ wing of the Democrats are ever successful enough to win more than a Senate seat or two, it’ll happen in this country as well. Don’t believe me? Go ahead and vote for the Democrat in 2020. See what happens in 20 years!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

12 thoughts on “Socialism: It’s Already Failed

  1. My wife met a young girl last week who was attending Grand Canyon University. When she was asked what her major was, she replied, “ceramics”. Now you know why new graduates can never find jobs!

    What a great country!

    For GOD and Country!

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  2. Wow, Venezuela tried copying communism with Fidel’s failed example of collectivism. if you like your roads, lights, electric power grid, police, firefighters, water, sewer systems, government employees and tax paid retirement, this is socialism. Really, you need to stop being a rich mans pundit piece.

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  3. I’ve seen life from this perspective: freedom with responsibility. Individual choices, living with both the ups and downs. One of my memories was while coaching. One of my players had hurt himself, but didn’t tell me. I thought something was bothering him, so I informed management and his parents. He continued playing throughout the season, doing quite well. Later, he told me he had cracked his arm during a game, but didn’t want to get out. Now, I would have preferred him to see a doctor, get the arm fixed, and be ready the following season. But this taught me another lesson: self-determination. He learned this at an early age. I could see he was one who would never quit, which when he grows up, will benefit his family. I also remember another young lady who heard me talk about starting a business. She asked me some questions, I answered her, and she researched. Working 20 hour days didn’t deter her. She decided she wanted a business of her own. America is founded on the belief on the individual, each person being responsible for their own decisions.

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      1. The stakes are a nation. In a free nation with responsibility, we never know where the next invention, business, or other great idea may come from. It’s the spark in people. It’s never ending. With liberty comes imagination and opportunity. Overt control presses people down, douses the spark, and prevents great ideas that may not coincide with others, but the field of ideas brings out the best.

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