The Muscle Behind AOC

Have you ever wondered how Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, a mere bartender from New York City could become this national face of the Democrat party overnight? Well, don’t be naive. It wasn’t because she is some political whiz. Actually she’s a pretty good follower, but certainly not a leader. So, who is the puppet master that is pulling the strings?

It was her chief of staff, a guy by the name of Saikat Chakrabarti. He’s 33 years old, and he resigned as her chief of staff this past Friday very quickly, when it became clear he had been involved in some shady business.

Chakrabarti is a Harvard grad from Fort Worth, Texas. His family is Bengali, and he’s about as liberal as the day is long. He has ties to Bernie Sanders’ bunch and follows him almost to a tee.

Chakrabarti is the guy that engineered AOC’s surprising primary win in 2018, and vaulted her into the national limelight through his leadership. He is the money and the brains behind her (you didn’t think she was that smart did you?) And, now he’s being investigated for some campaign finance problems…actually setting up two PACs (Political Action Committees) and breaking the rules with them. “Brand New Congress” and “Justice Democrats” were set up as PACs to elect more socialists across the country to Congress. And unfortunately for Chakrabarti, he screwed up several times (so much for Harvard’s great education!) to the point that the feds began an investigation. What they found caused them to refer the actions to more investigatory groups. And according to government officials, they only do that when they find evidence that will lead to conviction. So, Chakrabarti is in deep doo doo.

What this could mean is that he’s not going to be in the Capitol on a day to day basis no longer employed by AOC. That could kind of quiet her down if all she has to do now is read his tweets and echo those thoughts. Pretty soon the whole thing of her in front of a microphone will unravel as she probably isn’t able to put two words together by herself without the puppet master pulling the strings.

And so, another Democrat scandal hits the airwaves! Imagine that? Can you believe for a minute that Democrats are so screwed up mentally, that they will do anything, legal or not, in order to gain power and win? You are seeing the unraveling of this party first hand. And most Americans are not going to back them on this, mark my words. Oh, the faithful will for a while, but eventually, even they are going to have to shake their heads and walk toward the door. It’s that bad!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

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