Is It Working?

We have heard this rather large uptick in name calling from the liberal snowflakes running for president on the Democrat side over the past couple of weeks, ever since the Robert Mueller testimony basically blew up the whole Russian collusion/impeachment story the Dems were hoping were going to give them the right to impeach Trump.

The name calling, using the term “racist” (which had been over-used and lost it’s punch), and the new monicker, “white supremacist” took hold. After the tragic shootings in Dayton and El Paso…where at least one of the shooters was a dyed in the wool liberal, and not a Trump supporter at all, Trump was actually blamed for the incidents as if he himself had pulled the trigger and planned the attacks. So, what is happening because of all of the accusations (none of which have proven to be true…like every other accusation the left has thrown)?

Absolutely the opposite effect that Dems had hoped for.

Trump’s approval numbers are actually going up after all of the attacks. And as the attacks, such as the crap Texas representative to Congress, Joaquin Castro pulled by publishing a list of San Antonians that had donated to Trump’s reelection bid, along with their addresses, and places of business has had a reaction that really runs counter to what the left was hoping for. Not only has it solidified Trump’s base…which was always solid, but it’s moving the needle in convincing millions of independent voters to move over to Trump.

The New York Times claimed in their online edition that “millions of people who were scared of Trump in 2016, now have flocked to him”. In essence it’s because of three factors. First is the most obvious; Trump hasn’t proven to be as crazy as the left made him out to be. Second, he’s actually had a much more successful first term than Barack Obama ever had, and third, the jagged move to the far left of the Democrat party and those running for president have scared the independents that if they elect any of the left, they’re afraid of THEM! What a turnaround in a very short period of time!

If the Democrats were to nominate one of the “social democrats” that are running rather than someone more mainstream, they are going to compound their problems. America, it’s been shown are nowhere near the political position the left has taken up. While it may make the Millennials happy, it has turned off millions of independents who didn’t vote for Trump the first time around, and the “silent majority” of those that are pissed at the attitude and actions taken by the snowflakes.

Overall, it’s got to be good news for the Republicans. While they may not be able to take back the House in 2020, they most certainly will be able to hold on to the Senate, and maybe even increase their lead. And if the candidate the Dems ultimately choose as their presidential standard bearer is a socialist, it will turn off more and more people from that party. In the end… it may be what’s needed for all Republicans to vote Democrat in the primaries and vote for the candidate with the biggest socialist agenda!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

4 thoughts on “Is It Working?

  1. t may be what’s needed for all Republicans to vote Democrat in the primaries and vote for the candidate with the biggest socialist agenda!

    A few states allow voter to choose which primary in which they may vote but I think most limit you to voting only in your party’s primary and therefore independents do not vote in the primaries. I tried to find a chart for this but could not.

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