Adios Cable/Satellite!

It seems that more and more of us have decided that “cord cutting” is the way to live our lives in the 2010’s. And actually, it’s not a bad idea. “Cord cutting”, for the uninitiated, is getting rid of your cable or satellite company and using the internet for the source of your television viewing.

It’s going there anyway…as I’ve pointed out countless times. And it seems to be accelerating.

The second quarter results have been released by the Leichtman Research Group, who measures these sorts of things. In the 2nd quarter, there were about 1.53 million cord-cutters…people that cancelled their cable or satellite TV. That compares with 420,000 who quit traditional TV services in 2018.

Companies such as Comcast, Cox, and Charter actually did better because they offer internet subscriptions along with cable. It was companies like DirecTV and Dish that suffered the most. DirecTV lost 778,000 subscribers, about half the the overall total, and Dish did relatively well with their best quarter in a LONG while, losing only 79,000 people!

The reason for the decline is clear. When the average cable bill is over $105 a month, you can basically get the same viewing for around $15 a month by going to places like CBS All Access ($6/month with an annual subscription), and Hulu (with commercials) for about $6 a month. If you happen to be an Amazon Prime member, you have movies and several TV shows at your disposal on the Amazon Video channel (though you have to be careful…there ARE some pay-TV options on the same site!)

A lot of the internet streaming companies are starting to offer the “live channels” for upwards of $50-$60 a month. Of course, it’s a lot cheaper to go with an off the air antenna, which you can pick up for a few bucks. That will give you upwards of 80 local channels for free!

And all of this is falling into the hands of exactly what I’ve preached here for years. TV is dying as we know it. Radio is dying as we know it. Streaming is going to be the next wave of the future, in fact, it’s already here. On a recent trip around the country, where we traveled to 18 states in about three weeks, I was able to listen to my old radio station every single day, regardless where I was. I could stream it right on my cell phone and bluetooth it into the car’s audio system. It was like I was listening to the Toledo station, even though I was a thousand miles away! And watching TV has changed as well.

One of the things we used to do was clamor around the TV at 8pm on a Thursday night, say, for a special program we wanted to watch. Now, we wait and when we have the time, we stream it. It’s on our schedule, not the networks. And if we want to watch three or four episodes of a show all at once, we can do that. My wife found “Dark Shadows” on one of the streaming channels. She must have watched five episodes a day for months (it was on five days a week back in the 70’s and 80’s).

Sorry to say that if you’re a subscriber to cable TV, you are throwing literally thousands of dollars out the window each and every year. Same goes for satellite. Those companies are antiquated. And while you may want to subscribe to a cable company’s internet feed, that’s about all they’re good for in this day and age!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

12 thoughts on “Adios Cable/Satellite!

  1. Ditto. We cut Directv this month and replaced with Amazon Fire and a Hulu Live subscription, $55 / Month. Plus added an on-demand package with the Science Channel, Smithsonian Channel , AHC, Lifetime Movies. Add an inexpensive antenna to the TV. With Amazon Prime & Netflix we are saving a bunch of money and have not had to sacrifice any of what we enjoyed watching.
    If you are thinking of doing this too, I would suggest that you get everything in place, don’t cut the cable right away, but try it for 1 month. It is a little different and takes some getting use to, but the savings and no loss of what I’m interested in viewing is totally worth it for my household. And a bonus, I can take my cable with me wherever I go, phone, laptop, tablet.

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    1. That was exactly what we did! As we got farther along we learned some lessons. Like, did you know you can get 85 local channels off air? There’s a piece of hardware called “Tablo” that allows you to stream live television through Hulu. It’s about $125, but then it’s free after that. It scans all of the locals, and if you hook up an external hard drive to it, you can actually use it as a DVR! Amazing! I think we’re spending about $15/month now (I don’t count Amazon Prime because I use that for shipping…the video is a freebie bonus!

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  2. I hear ya Bro! I’m all Roku’d-up and ready to go but….the main thing that’s stopping me from cutting the cord is my bride! LOL! She needs her Hallmark channel and needs the ability to record!

    The one thing I would like to see, and it’s bound to happen, is the ability to get Internet service without having to go thru COX, or Century Link!!!

    Remember in the old days when you needed to make a long distance cell phone call? You had long distance charges, special roaming charges and area codes and some cell phone providers didn’t offer service in all areas. Now, none of that matters. You can simply call anywhere at anytime!

    So… what I’m hoping for, and soon, is some third party company who will offer Internet service only at a reasonable cost and no maximum data limits or other usage strings attached. Seems to me right now, if I cut the cord and have to pay $60 bucks just for the Internet, then $3 bucks here and $6 bucks there, I’ll end up paying almost as much as it’s costing me now, with no ability to record!?!?!? A lot of the show’s I’m interested in don’t come in the standard package and they’re always at an extra expense! And as more and more Internet sites are creating individual spin-off programming I think it’s only a matter of time before only the good programs will have to be pay-TV leaving only the crappy stuff free on the Internet. I see the cost only increasing but of course it’s up to you to determine how many shows you need to watch.

    Life use to be so simple!

    For GOD and Country

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    1. Your wish WILL come true…but will probably take a while. Companies like Cox are basing their future on the ability to provide the internet service…they see the TV stuff as going away…so they’ll fight tooth and nail anyone that tries to horn in on their income stream. But, as DirecTV has learned…technology only moves in one direction, and that’s forward! BTW, read my reply to WestBoundKid regarding a cheap alternative to DVR!


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