Forget Releasing Tax Returns… Release Health Records!

The leftist snowflakes for years have been harping about how Donald Trump hasn’t released his taxes, and that they all have. What they fail to tell you is that the first presidential candidate to ever release their income tax returns only goes back to 1968 and Richard Nixon. Before that, no one released taxes.

And frankly, does it matter? Let’s face it…in today’s environment, if you’re going to run for president, you probably aren’t going to get anywhere if you’re not a millionaire. And some of the people are billionaires. So, who cares about taxes?

But health is a different matter. You don’t want to elect a president that has severe health issues. Why do you think Hillary Clinton was so damn adamant that her true health issues not be revealed? And now, there is beginning to be pressure for Joe Biden to have a complete physical and mental work up and have that released. And that probably should happen. Donald Trump gets that work up because all presidents do, and HIPPA laws be damned, they release the results to the public.

But Biden has health issues. And voters need to know exactly what health issues they are. The other night during the “Climate Change Town Hall”, Biden had blood pooling in his left eye. That could be anything, and pretty much everybody agreed it wasn’t necessarily serious. My wife spent her career in the nursing home industry and said that the gaffes and the mannerisms that he displays shows confabulations, which is a sign of dementia. That’s where they make up stories that aren’t close to reality and have a hard time getting the facts straight. It is exactly what has happened in Biden’s case. And it’s just like those physicians that said that the symptoms Hillary Clinton displayed showed that she was suffering from MS.

So, if America is to be fully informed, we should all be calling for ALL of the Democrats to have a full physical and mental examination. If not, they shouldn’t be able to even discuss getting income tax returns from Republicans!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

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