Are Dems’ Throwing Election?

Think back about 10 years or so if you will. And we’ve discussed this a little bit this past week. The Tea Party was all the rage among conservatives. They were holding rallies and people were talking about how clean they were, how they policed the grounds after they were done. That was in contrast to the Occupy Wall Street gang that built a homeless village across the street from the New York Stock Exchange and lived in filth for months on end.

The problem the Republicans faced with the Tea Party movement was it jerked the party so far to the right, that the people in the middle, moderate Republicans and independent voters, were turned off by the candidates. And the same thing is happening today with the left.

Democrats that are more moderate than even Joe Biden don’t see a choice in the current field. Independents take a look at possible Democrats to vote for, then look at the economy and decide that maybe Trump isn’t that bad after all. A poll about a month or so ago showed there were a total of 16 million voters in this country who voter for either Hillary Clinton or Jill Stein in 2016 that were going to be voting for Donald Trump this time around.

Um…that’s a 32 million vote swing if true.

Most of that is not because of the candidates themselves, but of the leftist snowflakes that are out there complaining about Trump. An example would be Debra Messing. Now, we all know Hollywood is leftist and socialist, right? We can all agree that to be a Republican openly in Tinseltown basically means you are either uber successful, or never going to land a role on TV or in the movies. When Messing heard that Trump was holding a fundraiser in Hollywood, she wanted to start a blacklist of people that attended. She and Will & Grace co-star, Eric McCormack were all excited to tell the world they would “never work with those people that gave to Trump!” Later, amid a huge backwash of condemnation, she had to walk back her comments. But the damage was done.

We see it time and time again with these guys, and again, it’s not necessarily coming from the candidates. Members of Congress are constantly pushing a socialist agenda that makes people uncomfortable. They don’t want a Green New Deal. They don’t want to get rid of fossil fuels. They want to live their lives in peace and enjoy themselves. And when you get people from either party that wants to disrupt that by being too liberal or too conservative, they push back.

Hence the poll results. And if the socialist movement can’t do a better job of getting the Millennials out who actually support some aspects of these socialist programs (like free education for all, getting rid of student debt, and the environmental planks being talked about), they are likely to chase a wide swath of voters that would consider them to the other side, or worse yet for the Democrats, chase them away from the voting booth altogether.

That’s exactly what happened to Hillary Clinton in 2016. She couldn’t muster the support that Bernie Sanders had for the Millennials, and the mainstream Democrats were turned off by her and her oodles of baggage she brought to the campaign. They stayed home and Trump won.

And if you go back to 2012, the same thing happened on the Republican side. The GOP nominated what they thought was a moderate Republican who could compete against Obama, not because Mitt Romney was a good candidate, but because he wasn’t a Tea Party guy that would push the party too far to the right to win a general election. So, you ended up with a guy that was a terrible candidate that was gaffe proned (remember the “47%” remark that haunted him?).

I love watching these Democrat candidates yank the party farther and farther to the left thinking all the while that they are achieving their socialist agenda. Apparently, they don’t have the common sense to see what they are really doing…insuring the reelection of Donald J. Trump.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

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