More CNN Fake News?

The CIA of all places is now entering the fray of Fake News. Apparently, CNN’s “national security correspondent” put a story out that said the CIA pulled a CIA asset out of Russia back in 2017 because they were afraid that Donald Trump was going to blow his cover and cost the person their life.

Later that same day, the New York Times, not exactly friends with the Trump administration blasted the original CNN news story with their own research that said the CIA pulled the spy on their own accord.

This is only the latest in a very long list of made up stories designed to put Donald Trump in a less than positive light. There have been a lot of such stories over the past three years, and it’s all because the uber-leftist media can’t stand the fact that a neophyte politician could waltz his way into the highest elected office in the land.

Well, it’s that and a bunch of other reasons, but that one will do for now. Here’s the problem. These media outlets are protected by the First Amendment under “Freedom of the Press”. That’s a very important part of the First Amendment because if you have a press that is controlled by the government, such as in Russia or Cuba, or China, you are going to have a media spewing propaganda to the masses without any regard to the truth. That is why the Founding Fathers decided to put that in the Constitution in the first place. When you control information, you control the people.

However, I’m sure the Fathers never felt that the media would become one-sided and politically motivated. I’m pretty sure they felt a free and open media would be able to discern right from wrong and would be on the side of truth, whereas if the government were to control the media, it would most assuredly fall into a propaganda mode.

Well, it’s fallen into the propaganda mode. How many times have places like CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC, The New York Time, The Washington Post, and a myriad of other newspapers and magazines published and aired stories that are false. They didn’t do it because of sloppy reporting, or because they didn’t check their facts. They did it because they wanted to make someone look bad. That has been going on for years… long before Donald Trump ever thought of running for president.

I come from Toledo, Ohio, and the local newspaper there is owned by a couple of brothers that have vendettas as long as your arm. They come after people just to shape the community the way they want. They don’t tell the truth in the paper necessarily, they spin it. And they’ve got a lot of lawyers that will spend eternity defending the paper against the tons of lawsuits filed against them every year. I know, because the radio station I worked for was embroiled in one such lawsuit that dragged on for years. That is not the “responsible journalism” that our Founding Fathers thought of. That is yellow journalism at it’s worst.

What Congress needs to do is make it a federal crime to publish untrue stories. If the story can be proven that it’s untrue or false, then the person that is responsible for that needs to be held accountable. They need to be jailed for a long enough period of time that they won’t be able to find a job in their field again. And the organization that published it should be made to pay a fine large enough to really hurt them so they learn a lesson. I’m not saying that we need to censor journalism…just to make it truthful, as it was originally intended. It’s the first step to cleaning up the mess that’s been created by the left.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

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